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  1. 7

    very little to complain about - so why am i so anxious, angry, negative!?

    Hello to everyone. My story, which I'll no doubt rewrite several times, will I imagine end up reading as 'who/what am I?'. So, already feeling like a cliché, I'm just the wrong side of 40, in a long term relationship with a beautiful and loving partner, adorable cats, no kids, nice house, two...
  2. Funnyday


    My voices will provoke me to think of a subject. Then once this is done. They will transmit at a very low level. So as to confuse me into thinking that it is my thoughts that I am experiencing. That its my own subconsious having these very negative thoughts which they try to fool me into...
  3. P

    Lexapro withdrawal symptoms and trying to have some quality of life

    i am 56 years old man who was officially diagnosed with depression,major depressive disorder, about 15 years ago,although i believe i have had it my whole life.i took effexor for a few years and then went seamlessly into Lexapro which i took for about 10 years up until about a year ago.both...
  4. B

    Thoughts going crazy

    Thoughts come into my head on the workings of the mind.How does thoughts come into your head.You cant think.Then a whole fear comes across the whole entire body.Panic sets in.Mind goes blank and then goes to normal and then the same thoughts repeat themselves over and over.How do you think.This...
  5. J

    uncommon negative symptoms

    Hi everybody, I’m suffering from some uncommon negative symptoms that are really troubling me and I would like to know if anybody experienced it and can advice: For the past 8 years, I’ve been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. A year ago I had my second psychotic episode. Today I’m taking...
  6. G

    Is the damage irreversible? Help me

    I'll try to keep this short. All my life I've been treated like such garbage, judged, and hated and bullied basically for who I am. I've dealt with so much crap since childhood, all through school, work life, when I go out, go to the gym, etc. I've been to multiple therapists and taken...
  7. InfiniteRectangles

    Challenging Negative Thoughts

    My therapist showed me this set of questions to use to challenge my negative thoughts. I thought I'd share them here: 1. Is there substantial evidence for my thought? 2. Is there evidence contrary to my thought? 3. Am I attempting to interpret this situation without all the evidence? 4...
  8. F

    What methods do you use, or have been used, to repel someone's negative energy?

    What methods do you use, or have been used, to repel someone's negative energy? I am interested to know what methods anyone uses or what methods have been used to repel someone's negative energy? And if the negative energy has only been detected after it has been soaked up, how has it been...
  9. F

    Negative thoughts and can't get rid of them

    The last 4 days or so I have been going over something I did a few months ago at the time I was at my lowest and knew it was the right decision. But now it's going round and round in my head consuming me and making me feel guilty for making said decision it's getting so bad that it intrudes on...
  10. M

    Mention emotional/physical numbness at health center?

    I'm intending to go to a local health center to at least get my severe fatigue figured out. Could I also mention the fact that I am numb to sensory feelings like smell, taste and my skin? I don't want to mention too many negative things.
  11. J

    Negative Thoughts

    Today I was having some pretty strong negative thoughts. I tend to get very self conscious and beat myself up about everything. I feel like I'm always doing something wrong. I'm afraid of someone thinking that the things I say are stupid. I really like to draw, read stories, and watch movies...
  12. S

    I think I have Abulic Depression

    I am wondering if anyone on here has any suggestions for overcoming/getting rid of this disorder. I think it is part of my negative symptomology, but I am not sure. Anyway, any suggestions are welcome.
  13. H

    Finding a Balance

    I’ve been struggling for the last few weeks with a massive bout of depression / anxiety. I’ve been seeing my counsellor weekly for an hour and trying to find a light. I had a session this week which may have portrayed me (to the counsellor) as in the lowest place I’ve been since we started out...
  14. J

    Struggling with negative symptoms

    I have been struggling with mental illness since age 8. Initially depression, brought on by an abusive parent. At about age 15 I started having delusions and paranoia take over my psyche. The illness progressed, however, I kept it all to myself for many years. Only with the trauma of my sister...
  15. 79Dave

    Really struggling

    Been going through a tough bout of depression. All I can think about is just ending it. Nothing seems to matter and I don't really care. Sorry for being so negative.
  16. T

    Persistent Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia

    Hello everyone my name is Tom and I’am new here. Since my psychosis episode about a year ago i lost my emotions, function and my sense of well-being. having hard time dealing with the persistent negative symptoms of schizophrenia makes me seek desperately for help. NS: Apathy Absent, blunted...
  17. N

    The more I hear the voices then the more I recognise them as part of my personality I no longer have.

    The more I hear the voices then the more I recognise them as part of my personality I no longer have. Hiya, I am now 5yrs in to hearing voices which are negative and threatening, however everything they’ve ever said has been a lie and they have no knowledge of anything that I don’t know...
  18. S

    How do I get out of this negative rut?

    My self-talk is negative; my thoughts are negative; my feelings are negative... I just want to get rid of the bad, and keep the good in my life.
  19. M

    Contemplating whether to seek help!!!

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty sure I suffer from a personality disorder. I've read a little about it and definitely suffer from some of the symptoms that are described. I have started to ack slightly stranger than I have before around friends and they sometimes make that clear.. I sometimes feel...
  20. Alex_Nash

    Sarcosine helps?

    It can help people who have schizophrenia and who suffer from some negative symptoms (the cognitive/focus issues, lack of motivation, and negative mood/depression issues that are common with schizophrenia. It is a natural amino acid that you have already in your body. Natural sources of...