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  1. F

    Extreme anxiety/fear of blood, blood tests, iv's... [long, sorry :( ]

    Hello everyone, I'm sorry to bother you all with something that I'm sure you've heard a thousand times, but I've read a lot of webpages and some forum posts (here and elsewhere) and I was hoping making a post myself might help as it's more specific? If that makes sense! I'll try to condense this...
  2. Bizzarebitrary

    Hypodermic needles and catheters, I hate em.

    It begins with rapid breathing, then my palms start to sweat. I hear the sterile wrappers tear and I begin to squirm. The smell of the alcohol swab and the sensation of it cleaning the injection site on my skin causes my blood pressure to shoot up. A finger tapping on a vein followed by the...
  3. Y

    Asking for my friend - fear of needles distressing her

    One of my best friends has a fear of needles, and she's needed a blood test for years. Every time she goes to get it done she panics, leaves, and goes home in tears. She had treatment for it three or four years ago which involved little clips that she was supposed to prick her fingers with, but...
  4. H

    Cramps & Headaches

    Not sure if this is the best section for this to be in, apologies if not. Basically after a lengthy period of not self harming, I've recently started again. Any self harm I do doesn't invole my head or hand. From around a month before I started again I've been getting headaches to the point of...
  5. C

    speed speed!

    Ok. So my best mate of 37yrs is coming to visit. Prob is we had a bad amphetamine habit. We do it now as a one off since he got married. And i mean heavy addiction, needles & everything. Is it wise we buy speed? None of that needles shit. Sure it's ok once in a blue moon???
  6. H

    Just woke up having an attack

    Just trying to get my mind if it! I fell asleep a hour ago woke up but manage to get straight back to sleep now woke up suddenly shaking feel sick spinning room. Currently laid on my side with the fan blowing in my face! Feel so sick and every time I move slightly I start with pins and needles...
  7. H

    has anyone had accupuncture for anxiety/ depression?

    or stress or low mood, any of those kinds of things. where did the needles go? thank you. i have had a brief google of it but my eye sight is too bad to read it all and i cant find the answer easily. :)
  8. U

    Worried why GP wants to see me.

    Hi, I came back to my flat and their is a message saying to contact the gp surgery. when I phoned they said my GP needs to see me, so I told them I cant walk into a Surgery full of people and they said they will arrange a home visit. But ! Now I am wondering why she needs to see me, I was...
  9. F

    severe phobia of needles veins and blood

    I have asevere phoboa of veins needles and blood i refuse injections and faint at thesightof anyof these things or even just discussing them i have triedcbttotry and confront this but it has nothelpedi just faint and then terrified of fainting again they make me feel repulsed and disgusting does...
  10. C

    my heart hurts I'm short of breath my chest hurts.... they say it's anxiety

    my heart hurts I'm short of breath my chest hurts.... they say it's anxiety I've been having shortness of breathe, pain in my heart, chest, back, side of the neck... My whole back hurts. I can't get a deep enough breath yet when I relax I need to breath. If I take a deep enough breath to...
  11. OobieMoobie

    Does anybody else get this?

    When I read about self harm or see pictures or it comes up in conversation I get a tingling in the place where I normally harm. I guess it's like a craving. I've been very good lately and only hurt myself a couple of times in the last few months but I just wondered if anyone else had the same...
  12. C

    odd symptoms?

    Hi recently i have been getting really hot flushep normally at bedtime or in evening also anyone experience pins and needles? For no apparent reason also i get it in my hands fingers and feet is this normal?
  13. M

    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone, You might want to think twice about reading this because I feel like once I start writing - I might not be able to stop! Firstly, I am a 30 year old mother of 4. I have two 8 year olds, a 3 year old and a 5 month old. I am in a relationship with the father of my 2 youngest...
  14. raven

    Overdose *warning*

    *warning* I have been really struggling the last few days. I self harmed on Tuesday night. As yesterday evening progress I started slurring my words and legs, arms and hands twitching. Then this morning I had pins and needles in my left hand for about 10 minutes. I have a history of strokes...
  15. Angels

    The blood test is tomorrow!

    The dreaded blood test!!! freaking out a little bit. my psychiatrist wrote me a perscription to get some cream to numb my arm. so thats really helpful i have to put that on tomorrow to take away the pain. hopefully. im not scared of needles as i have quite a few piercings, but its just the idea...