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  1. A

    Mirtazapine vs Trazodone

    Hello to all my fellow forum members! I need an advice. I use Mirtazapine for insomnia and it does wonders. I sleep 7-8 hours every single night on 15 mg of Mirtazapine after 14 months of treatment. But the hunger is permanent and unbearable and I gained a lot of weight. Now I decided that I...
  2. qwerty1234

    Social anxiety

    I have an extremely nice friend who I am also scared of. I hate hurting people and I told him something which I felt I needed to say but which I now wonder if I shouldn't have said. I can't concentrate because i keep bungling it up.
  3. B

    Just needed a space to talk mental health related stuff

    My name is Liz. I'm just here because I needed to find others to talk to about my depression and anxiety related stuff. I thought I could beat it. Tried yoga, meditation, writing in journal, positive thinking, exercising... they work great for a while but not that long so I realize that it's...
  4. H

    Memory problem

    Do anyone have severe depression feel like you are not free to use your brain? I feel like I cannot control my brain to do things needed to memorise things and concentration. I am have medication now. The pills make me feel tired all day long=[
  5. M

    why does no one care that I self-harm/want to commit suicide

    so I've only signed up to this site to get my question answered so sorry if this breaks your rules or something. basically i'm depressed, have anxiety and have been suicidal for the best part of 9 months nowish i think? anyway, it was all bottled up for ages and then i just started telling my...
  6. J


    Hey. Just thought I'd say hi. Don't really know what to say but just been having a bit of a rough ride with depression/anxiety at the moment and thought I needed to find a better outlet than plastering it all over Facebook.
  7. M

    Feel broken beyond repair

    I honestly feel like that. I left my exam early today because my body simply did not have the energy needed to concentrate and write. This fatigue and all the intrusive thoughts are so overwhelming. Because I've been living like this for so much of my life, I have never had the chance to get...
  8. S

    I don't really know what to do anymore.

    Im just sort of gonna tell a sum up of the biggest things that has happened in my life, feel free to just scroll past this post. I just need to vent. Im 20 years old, I've always lived in texas since my birth so i haven't really experienced the exploration part of my life. Right now its past...
  9. Fairy Lucretia

    today and sorry x

    sorry if i worried anyone gosh my head is muddled so i don't know if anyone remembers but i had a meeting with manager a few weeks back,she basically said she didn't see why i needed a cpn but would give me one anyway because im on depot well that left me very very suicidal and scared that i...
  10. S

    i dont want to hurt anymore

    Hi, so this is like my seventh "I can't do this anymore" post because things get really bad and i have no one to talk to so i post, but then things always get worse. So here I am posting again. I really don't know how much more of this i can take. i have no one. I want to want to live but i...
  11. D

    vistaril VS gabapentin for sleep?

    Hi I been on serqoel and Mirazapine for sleep everynight that works good for the most part but often i can't take my meds at the same time each nigh or often times the meds does not work fast enough to fall alsleep i take lunesta as needed that works okay but doesn't work as good it used i will...
  12. Fairy Lucretia

    This forum has saved my life x

    the past few years this has been the place i have turned when i needed support and i have received so much THANK YOU EVERYONE XX from my fairy heart xx
  13. R

    My introduction.

    Feb. 8, 2018 Since no one will listen to my side of the story i am going to tell it here. Two nights ago I was having a bad night, I was feeling down not feeling great, I went into Jessicas room and sat on the floor, we talked a little and yes I was crying. I felt like I was not getting the...
  14. R


    Hi, my ex broke up with me a week ago after a 4.5 year relationship. When we met, I was financially secure and independent and he was not. He also harbored a lot of shame from his past and used to lie continuously. He comes from a family of denial; everyone thinks he can do no wrong. The...
  15. megirl

    wound up

    I have been under the care of the mental health services, here. I see my support worker fortnightly however because i have been doing well coping with stuff ...they have decided that i don't need to see him anymore i still can get hold of the crisis team and utilise my 'green card' which is 48...
  16. M


    How on earth do i stop dissociating!!!! help needed ASAP
  17. D

    is gabapentin safe for sleep

    or is this a safer option that i can take as needed for sleep
  18. S

    Breaking point. My story, please. TRIGGER WARNING

    Hello, I'd first like to welcome myself to all you beautiful people, I've never been on a forum or spoke to anyone online about myself however I don't feel safe to open up truly or taken seriously when speaking to friends or family Forgive me, this will be a long post, but I hope you stick by...
  19. Zardos

    WTF ???

    I haven't been doing very well lately... So i needed this like a bag on my hip... I'll try and fill you in when i have more energy :low:
  20. Asherah of the Sea

    My Life is a Disaster...

    Hi, new here. Joined cuz I need to figure myself out for one, outside of Facebook, where I have made a HUGE ass of myself over the years cuz I have posted LIVE as I have not slept over days, recording the progression of myself into psychosis. I am embarrassed to say the least. But that is just...