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need advice

  1. F

    My POCD nightmare.

    Hi. I'm new to the forum. I'm in my 20s and...well, basically. I'm scared out of my mind. Now, I don't have a sex life at all, so masturbation has been a big thing for me for a good number of years since pre-13. I also have a foot/tickle fetish. I've always kept either within my own age group or...
  2. Chai_tea

    Why do I feel so alone. Did I do it to myself?

    I’ve been struggling with mental health issues for years now and I was initially diagnosed with BPD after 1 session. I was given antipsychotic and then expected to cope eventually, I stopped attending my one to one sessions and taking my meds. I started a mood diary and analysing why I was...
  3. naphtali

    Overwhelmed by OCD; any advice?

    Hello, I'm new here so I'm still figuring my way around somewhat-- apologies if I'm not articulating very well. I was diagnosed with OCD in late 2017, after several months of difficult and debilitating symptoms. I'm extremely physically unhealthy, and have been diagnosed with a number of...
  4. E

    I Don't Know What to do Anymore.

    I'm 21, I have an amazing boyfriend and a couple of good friends. I have a good life. But for some reason I feel lost. I feel like i'm sitting in an empty room with these white walls just screaming at the top of my lungs hoping someone will hear me. I'm a hairdresser I used to love it! I work...
  5. T

    just seeking some advice

    so i've been struggling a lot for most of my life with just... well a huge amount of things and i kind of never started questioning things until i got more exposure with simply doing some research every now and then.. this is gonna be probably long so bear with me haha i think, for the most...
  6. everett

    Can't access parents insurance for mental health

    I really need some advice. I'm 18 years old and still on my parents health insurance plan. I know that I suffer from mental illness, but i don't think anyone really takes me seriously without a medical diagnosis. Recently my long term depression and anxiety has really been reeking havoc on my...
  7. M

    Mum Doesn't Understand

    I was diagnosed with depression about a year ago and since then I've been through CBT (which did not work AT ALL), so now I'm on antidepressants, and feeling much better. But I do have days where I feel very low and don't want to do anything, I don't want to go to work, I don't want to get out...
  8. C

    Constantly terrified, am i the only one?

    I was diagnosed with Anxiety about 4 years ago and my life changed in pretty big way. Most of the time I can control it and ward off any panic attacks, but now, I cant. Because I'm terrified. My face flushes red, I get a tingly feeling all over my body, It feels like a burning fire I my chest, I...