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  1. S

    Health anxiety ruining my life

    Hi everyone I hope someone can offer some advice or reasurance right now as I'm really struggling. I'm 25 and I've suffered mild anxiety all my life but since January health anxiety has taken over it started with the flu and then noticing fast heart/palpitations and then from march I had...
  2. Anon_21

    Chronic migraine headches, please help!

    Over the counter drugs Don't work and I'm worried about developing issues from taking so many over the years. My gp prescribed me imitrex which usually works (with side effects), and half the time the headache comes back next day. They are odd headaches--tension migraines that occur on only one...
  3. W

    How can I stop anxiety at gigs?

    I love gigs I love moshing and everything about it so it isn't the anxiety about being pushed around etc. But I think it could be a social anxiety, i always feel absolutely fine until i'm about 10/20 minutes from arriving at the venue and I get a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach and i feel...
  4. D

    Neck pulls on one side when anxious

    I am on this forum on behalf of my friend, she has suffered with a sensation of her neck pulling to one side for a long time. She has been to the doctors but they just say it's anxiety and she is currently on antidepressants but it does not help this problem. She has tried councilling...
  5. P

    Neck, head shaking

    Hi All, First post here, I'm 25, been suffering with anxiety for 10 years now. I landed a job recently and each day is a struggle. For some reason whenever I'm talking to my boss, my heart begins to race and i start to get into a panicked state. I'm on Inderal 5mg and Lyrica 75 in the morning...
  6. cpuusage

    The Hidden Epidemic Exposed: The New Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) Resource Center

    The Hidden Epidemic Exposed: The New Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) Resource Center The Hidden Epidemic Exposed: The New Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) Resource Center - Mad In America "Tardive dyskinesia is a dreadful disorder caused by all the antipsychotic drugs. Most obviously, it causes disfiguring...
  7. B

    Feeling a Bit low.

    feeling low today. i was expecting it Tuesday, my wife works in a school so the last 7 weeks she's been on holiday, she went back to work tuesday. ive also had my daughter and granddaughter living with us since her spit with her partner. she move out 2 weeks ago (only across the road) so the...
  8. D

    Sensorimotor OCD

    Hi, I have had sensorimotor for some time, which has come in many of the typical forms, such as blinking, swallowing, etc. Recently I have become very ticklish and aware of my neck, and when anything touches it I become distracted and uncomfortable. I have also become aware of my bladder and...
  9. J

    neck tension at the front of the neck

    wondering if anyone else gets this its like an achey feeling around where your adams apple is? its very annoying and i am starting to focus and worry about it. my mum said could be how i am sleeping and obviously my anxiety as I have really bad health anxiety but as you know we always think the...
  10. Zoe :)

    Don't know how I'm feeling

    I'm panicking, but I'm not.. I don't know why I'm so worried and worked up but I am.. I feel angry and I'm getting that sh tingling feeling up my arms and on my neck :/ I'm scared but I don't know why.. I feel like crying and screaming :(
  11. M

    hanging out at the airport

    Cuz my flight got delayed. I got a 30 min neck and back massage. It cured my headache.
  12. NicoretteGummed

    Laser Treatment for Self-Harm Scars.

    I've been referred to a Laser Specialist for treatment on the scars I've got from Self-Harm that I inflicted on myself from 1996-2002. Apparently I qualify because it's been so long since I last self-harmed. I've got loads of mild scars and some serious ones on my Face, Neck, and Left arm...
  13. K


    Does this pain ever end, I am so sick right now. I'm scared that I'm dying. The chest and neck pain doesn't wanna go away
  14. A

    Does anyone else get an uncomfortable feeling in the back of their neck which runs down their spine and legs when they are stressed

    Does anyone else get an uncomfortable feeling in the back of their neck which runs down their spine and legs when they are stressed I feel the need to constantly move my legs and my neck clicks all the time. It feels like there is a massive knot in my kneck. I've googled stuff but never see...
  15. E

    ever so slightly stressed.

    Okay so I had to go to the hospital yesterday due to constantly getting throat infections but now I have to have an ultrasound on my neck and a ct scan as I have a suspicious lump in my neck, the consultant said its probably nothing to worry about but he said that to the person who reads into...
  16. W

    Yes it's excellent

    My wife has said i am a cantakerous sp. old git and i should apologise to you kind disordered people and not be on a forum. She is also trying to pour liquid poison down my neck! (joke) and threatening to call the CRT. I bid you all farewell as i am a good boy and do as i am told
  17. C

    neck & upper body (trunk) paralysis

    Switches on whenever I'm in a public place or around anyone but my boyfriend... It's not always as bad as I describe below but this description occurs fairly regularly. I try to move and reason with myself as much as I can, deep breathing, telling myself that of course I can move, but makes no...
  18. D

    Very scared

    hi guys i am in abit of a state with my thoughts. Ikeep thinking imgoing to die and every ailment i get is cancer. I cant look to the future even tommorrow. I keep shaking within and i am convinced thats cancer. my neck hurts and i keep on thinking itssomething bad i keep crying and cant...
  19. S

    So Much hate.

    I think I am capable of harming my former shrinks and it is scaring me. It's impossible to make this short, but I'll try. My mother killed my father and then killed herself. This did a lot of damage to my psyche, so I went to the local mental health center to get help. While I was there I...
  20. L

    New to the site and have been diagnosed with CD

    Hello all, I am new to the site and would appreciate any input that anyone can offer me. In 2007 I was rear ended in a car accident. I suffered whiplash and one week, was bent double. Then I started getting excessively powerful neck spasms, just as though a 20 stone man was squeezing my...