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  1. Nikita

    Nearest Relative Displacement.

    Has anyone here applied to the court of protection to have their nearest relative removed and replaced.Can you talk me through the process.Did you need a solicitor,how much did it cost and did you get legal aid?
  2. E

    Starting up a Hearing Voices group

    The nearest Hearing Voices group to my area is an hour and a half away. So I thought it would be good if there was a group in my area. Have any of you been to a hearing voices group? How is it run and what do they do at a group? What things would make a group good and interesting? Thanks
  3. D

    Nearest relative

    Hi My mum is on a section 3 and has Alzheimer's. I am nearest relative as she has been separated from her husband for several years. They have remained friends and he wants to move in to look after her if she goes home. Mum agrees as she really wants to go home and I work full time including...
  4. C


    Dorset Dorset Mental Health Advocacy 29-29A Durngate Street Dorchester Dorset DT1 1JP 01305 261483 [email protected] We can: Offer support to accepted clients at meetings, court appearances, tribunals, ward rounds and Care Programme Approach (CPA) reviews Help make...
  5. clockworkmonkey

    what else can I do.

    My phyc team have offerd me a bed.I dont want or need a bloody bed.Thats not gonna stop me. My sh thoughts are more dark and dangerous nowadays. Its like a snow ball rolling down a hill gathering pace. There like well its there if you need it.just ask.Is that all you can offer me is a rubber...
  6. Sugar Coated Owl

    Discharge from Section 3 by Nearest Relative

    Hi, I'm currently detained in hospital (Section 3). I recently had a tribunal but didn't get discharged. I've heard that your nearest relative can also discharge you from hospital but I'm not sure how it works. I asked the nurse that was on duty today about it but she didn't know. Are any of you...
  7. B

    displacing my husband to section me

    Due to current difficulties that i am having my mental health team want to section me. I don't want this and my husband doesn't want this for me either and has objected to it taking place. They now want to displace my husband as my nearest relative. How likely is this to happen and what exactly...
  8. R

    Advance Directive and displacement of nearest relative under mha.

    Without going into too much depth I am currently preparing an advance directive, which is in effect a living will, detailing my wishes for treatment and arrangements for my care should I relapse. As part of this advance directive I intend to change my nearest relative from my brother to my...
  9. J

    Marriage and "nearest relative" legal questions

    I have discovered that if I marry my fiancee legally before I get a job, we'll lose about 50% of our state benefits, even if we don't start living together immediately. This set me thinking as to whether I might be able to "have my cake and eat it." I am also aware that if a non-conformist...