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  1. daydreambeliever

    Hi, i have a Question

    if mental illness is a mistake or an accident shouldn't we learn from it? instead of being sad all the time we should learn to be happy etc. its just human nature i thought. tc. Dreamer :innocent: :doh2: :thumbsup: :cheers: :whistle:
  2. R

    my explanation of god and schz.

    everything from life to afterlife, local nature to infinite nature, all existence organic or inorganic, all realms, planes and realities of any physicality or perception are all synchronised wild efficiency of compound demand energy evolving ,(overlapping layered chain reactions of direct and...
  3. R

    schz is human nature evolving into infinite mutual nature

    if you see a person as a tune and a normal person as one tune playing at once, you can then see a schz sufferer as a person with their own tune playing plus a few other tunes overlapping onto their tune such as delusional voices. i have now proved both with theory and practical that a person...
  4. R

    nature is a mirror

    i believe our moods and thoughts are reflected by nature. nature is like reality fishing, it has a natural controlling personality and it naturally tries to control and parent people by using their emotions and actions. its roughly like a mood mirror, if you fuel control by being angry...
  5. A

    My Views on Psychiatry and Mental Illness — John Breeding, PhD

    My purpose in this short essay is twofold. The first is to describe my understanding of the nature of psychological distress and emotional healing. The second is to expose the truth about our modern mental health system, call it Psychiatry, which diagnoses citizens as “mentally ill” and “treats”...
  6. T

    Sick of it all...

    Can I just say I am sick and tired of having a problem that no-one can fix. I've had this same problem with my head and neck since about two or three years ago now. I have become used to it, and the nature of it has changed bit by bit over time, though the essential thing itself has remained...