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  1. albie

    Do Your Voices Seem Like a Real Person?

    Been to my doctor to tell her my voices are getting more vindictive. She said I need to get back into the mental health system. I tried to tell her what the voices were doing. My voices seem to be a real person. I feel like there is someone living in my body. They are playing a nasty game with...
  2. Y

    Dealing with a partner that has anxiety

    Hello Everybody, I joined this forum yesterday due to requiring some support with regards to dealing with my partners anxiety. We have been together for over 2 years, we live in a nice house, have a child each from previous relationships (both of whom live with us) and have good jobs. My...
  3. H

    Why am I always so nasty?

    I realized that I often get so irritated by other people. Unfortunately, it's especially my family. I hate myself so, so much for it. Even when they're not doing anything, even when they're being nice, I'm so nasty. I'm mean and my mom tells me if I continue like this I'll have nobody. She's...
  4. S

    Analysis of a small conversation or comment!

    P1 = person 1 P2 = person two Question is; Is P2 attempting to be aggravating or , as in the P1's description or, is P1 seeing things that aren't there ? :scratch: Conversation P1 Dave’s car engine management light came on after the local garage done some work on it. Just as well I never...
  5. C

    Confused and bullied by mum's partner

    I have tried not to let it get to me, and I thought I would write this as I have kind of given up trying to ask my mum she always takes his side which makes him happy as he tries to exclude me from my mum and always tries to provoke me, he is extremely nasty yet my mum never sticks up for me. I...
  6. H

    relationship with my supporter!!!

    i have some issues i need to fix and don't know where to start. but here goes!! my mother in law has been supporting my mental illness for years now. I have pushed her to her limit by being nasty to her (yelling screaming fighting). I truly appreciate her and he says actions speak louder than...
  7. D

    He/they are so nasty to me

    He is telling me nasty things,I believe him
  8. letmein

    feeling unloved

    not really dealing with my shit right now.... feeling very unwanted and uloved, I know this is my own fault i can't return those feeling to others. I am a nasty person. so god has made me this way and how i feel. sorry just need to vent words.
  9. L


    I hear voices telling me to "set it all on fire" to light things on fire and I also hallucinate the smell of burning which is really nasty. I also see myself on fire...
  10. Tired Daisy

    For the Wellbeing of us all on this Forum

    So I just thought I'd start a thread as things have been getting out of hand lately with people attacking each other and making nasty comments about other users on the forum. Some people have even left the forum as a result of bullying of other members. I will not mention any user names. This...
  11. S

    Difficult Times - No support & No one to turn too

    Surrounded by what can only be defined as enemies. :innocent::doh2: Reminds me of growing up in north wales and why I 'never!!!!' wanted to come back here and live among these nasty rotten people:low: A people that willingly like/love to see you/others destroyed or suffer for their own...
  12. Lisa-Marie666

    Don't know how much more i can take!

    I really don't want to be here anymore. Why does everyone hate me? I know you can't answer this, it's just me having a rant. Makes me feel better to write it all down. I've never been a really nice person but with my own i have. I've turned really nasty because i don't feel wanted. Had this...
  13. BorderlineDownunder


    so I have it in my hip and my back, 2 spots it is very very painful. Ive had a needle in one of them but need another one in a month and probably the second spot done as well. cortisone. I suppose the reason they do it is, its just so painful, you wouldn't let a dog have it. :( please feel...
  14. NicoretteGummed

    Why Are Siblings So Apathetic When It Comes Down To The Welfare Of Their Brother Or Sister???

    Why Are Siblings So Apathetic When It Comes Down To The Welfare Of Their Brother Or Sister??? This is something I've noticed after some time, some spent in hospital, others on here and others in supported lodgings. It doesn't matter whether ur male or female and have brothers or sisters...
  15. V

    negative voices

    hi has anyone experienced voices that tell them to put themselves in dangerous situations and constantly laugh, ive stopped going out as its a constant battle. told my psych today and he has put my risperidone dose up.. sometimes when voices laugh in a nasty way at me im confused as to if its...
  16. H

    How will the welfare cuts affect you if you are in the Work-Related Activity Group (WRAG)?

    How will the welfare cuts affect you if you are in the Work-Related Activity Group (WRAG)? Dear all, As some of you may be aware, from April 2017 the amount ESA claimants placed in the WRAG will receive will around £70 per week. The PS30 cut to ESA explained | Mind, the mental health charity...
  17. W

    My life is purgatory.

    I'm trapped in a mire of hatred, from myself and everyone else. It's hell. There is nothing i can do but kill myself. But i can't even get that right... god knows i've tried. I have to be the scariest nasty pervert ever. people look away when they see me coming. With my disfigured uglyness. What...
  18. E

    Ken Livingstone

    What a nasty man.:mad: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-34853430
  19. mrlaurel

    being ugly :(

    I'm not on about looks here, I'm on about on the inside. I'm a ugly person, I can be nasty, cruel and aggressive towards others, I can be vile at times (won't go into details but not a great afternoon) how do I stop myself for being this nasty person? right now I'm alone for the night which...
  20. Catastrophe

    Sertraline + Alcohol = headahces

    I had one Smirnoff Ice last night and I got quite tipsy. I haven't drank for about 6 months, I just fancied one. When I sobered up I had a really, really nasty headache >.> I still have a bit of a headache now. Is this normal? :/ I'm on 150mg.