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  1. O


    I looked this up and I think it’s what’s wrong with me. They say I have overactive imagination or that I have bipolar disorder, but the meds don’t work. I was about eight when it Started, fits of mania followed by long depressive slumps, and inbetween, the voices. One tells me to hurt myself...
  2. M

    Re introduction

    Hi and good evening. I am reintroducing my self to the group/forum as it's been six (eventful) years since I was last on here. Cannot believe how quickly the time has passed and I hope everyone is at least coping with the adversity poor mental health throws at you. Briefly then, my name's Dave...
  3. Teddy Bear

    Hi, I'm Teddy Bear

    Hi, I used to post on here years ago, but I completely forgot my username and password so I had to join up again.:rofl: I recognise a few of the names on here still. I know there is lots of info on here so I will have a look around. Teddy Bear x
  4. S

    My voices have human like traits, and also seem to control my feelings - do yours?

    My voices have human like traits, and also seem to control my feelings - do yours? Some of my voices tell me their names, and they refer to each other by those names. But the names they use are those of people I have known. I think they intentionally do this as part of an ongoing attempt to...
  5. R

    Lamotrigine effects

    I've started forgetting things and it's getting annoying. Stuff like names for things/people. Words I'm about to say or type then I go blank like it's been sucked out of my head, I remember the meaning of it but the word is totally gone and I have to Google the meaning to find the word...
  6. BorderlineDownunder

    Standardise Drug Names, Please!

    as this is online people from lots of places come here. the same medicine has different names in different places. Ive just found out Quetiapine is Seroquel. :( Why haven't they called it Seroquel, in the UK and Aus? Is it because they think they wouldn't be able to MARKET it???? :( I am so...
  7. C

    labels and names

    I find a lot of people debating over the names of mental illness and even over that too. nobody cares what its called, when my doc told me i had schizophrenia the name meant nothing to me the illness did. you can put whip cream on top of it and a cherry but it'll still be schizophrenia. so stop...
  8. H

    forgetting things, switching names

    For a while now I have been noticing that I have been calling my pets the wrongs names. I was playing a video game and it told me to go east, and I kept going west, confused as to why it wasn't working...I don't have any genetic tie to anyone with memory problems, but I am scared something maybe...
  9. N

    Are psychiatric drugs overprescribed?Should we be using indigenous plant medicines instead?

    Are psychiatric drugs overprescribed?Should we be using indigenous plant medicines instead? Only 5% of the World Population, U.S. Takes 50% of Big Pharma Drugs : Natural Society Headlines » David Icke Ignoring the fact David Icke is involved I think there is truth in what he says that the...
  10. megirl

    Whats happening to everyone

    I feel like so many people are missing from here then theres all these new user names with loads and loads of posts hey is there lots of people out here that have changed their user names and why? have i missed something? I feel like i am among new comers but most of you posting arent am i being...
  11. D

    Memory Problems

    First post so I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, I'm a 16 year old male and for about the last six months my memory has gotten pretty bad. I'm not forgetting any memories, it's more like I can't make new ones. I'm getting new people I meets names mixed up and I can only name about...
  12. L

    being schizoaffective

    i have been schizoaffective/ocd for ten years now. i have just recently found the right combination of medicines to quell the constant uneasiness within. i cry at times wishing i was without this disorder. its hard to go ou in public because i get yelled at and called names. i fear having a bike...
  13. Angels_Fire

    Another thread again, sorry.

    Ok... I honestly didn't think I'd get so many replies and people not wanting me to do something stupid. I still really want to do it. I've been sat in my room now for an hour staring at a means of serious harm. I don't know why but I can't do it?? I've not wanted anything more than this, but...
  14. C

    Well hello..

    Hi.My names cupid stunt. And anything i say or do here will be done All in the best possible taste.......xx
  15. M


    Hi! I have come back, hope that is ok. I needed a break from here before because I was getting too addicted but I couldn't stay away and have genuinely missed being here and missed lots of people too. There are lots of new names already!
  16. B


    5 minutes ago, I was fine. Now I am furious. WHY? I have no idea what so ever. I just wanna rip this illness right out of me, spit on it, stamp on it and call it all the names under the sun. But I can't. And I want to. I want it gone. I want it gone NOW. it is killingme and destroying every...
  17. T

    triggers everywhere

    its like theres no way to escape the past when its ingrained into the world. incense, fists, heavy breathing, mirrors, cameras, names, smells, eyes......... :(
  18. J


    Hi, my name's joline. I just join in
  19. G

    Do I Deserve The Verbal Abuse? (Long Post - Sorry!_

    I joined this site a long time ago, spent a tiny bit of time here and left. I'm returning for good because I'm not doing so well and I truly think I need a support system of people who understand. With that being said... When my boyfriend and I first started dating, I told him I am bipolar...
  20. shayaleigh


    Just thought i would introduce myself, my names shaya, im 20, and would like to make friends who actually understand. :)