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  1. T

    intrusive thoughts

    so i have intrusive thoughts and its hard to get past them so right now im struggling with it the problem is i try to think of naked guys or guys i like but the intrusive thoughts get in the way so im finding it hard to picture guys naked or if i do they change into the thoughts what should i do
  2. shaky

    Naked cycling - is it a good idea?

    I'm on one night release from hospital But now I want to go cycling naked round town It seems such a fun idea I know I've had some alcohol and maybe that wasn't a brilliant thing to do. But I need something FUN I'll end up back in hospital Or maybe not What to do :unsure:
  3. L

    My voices

    My voices keep on telling me to get naked all of the time and do sexual things. HELPPP
  4. T

    Any helps

    Okay so I have been suffering from ocd for quite some time the problem I'm having is now that the things I found sexual i feel like i don't or when I try to think of guys naked or anything I don't generalise I know if I do the thoughts are gonna take over and then I get the thoughts anyway is...
  5. A


    Well another person asked if I'm pregnant again. I am feeling very self concious. I started a workout plan today . Tomorrow I am going to the gym. I need to lose these extra pounds. I started gaining weight the higher my dose of seroquel went. I feel so disgusting. I am determined to get fit...
  6. M

    Thirsty, naked, and tired...

    I am currently all 3 of those things. I dont usually sleep naked but for the short amount of time that i did sleep i must have been hot and stripped. Insomnia is awful. I think i might be hungry but im not sure. I haven't felt hungry lately. I seem to be dissociated from the physical feeling...
  7. mrlaurel

    another sorry.................. one for the gurls!

    What did the elephant say to the naked...
  8. velvetfeet

    suspected Bipolar??

    hey all... posted a bit on the depression board... but they think i might be leaning on the bi-polar side.... apparently my horrible mood of wanting to cry, laugh and scream with rage all at the same time and swinging rapidly between, that i've been feeling for the last couple of weeks could...
  9. M

    In need of some guidance

    Hello folks. 1st time...please be gentle It is a bit of a strange one....a very strange one in fact, but something which is getting me down and I find quite disturbing. Basically for the last month or so I have been picturing everyone naked ( in work, out shoppin) and on the TV all the time to...