1. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    Musical Instruments

    This thread is to post about musical instruments, that have caught your imagination, or that you wasn't aware of :) I was following clips on You Tube yesterday, and I happened upon the tongue drum :) It has an amazing sound :)
  2. BrianHorlicks

    This is REALLY what we are

    You ARE an immortal spirit, It's just that you don't remember who you are. Some people do, I think this is why people self harm, An old forgotten memory, Is still there in the sub-consciousness. and, Why people can play musical instruments, really well, Even though they've only just started...
  3. C


    Oxford Oxfordshire Mind The Mill 46 Cowley Road Oxford OX4 1HZ Our peer support groups are a safe, welcoming space to share activities, issues or thoughts and to meet people who may have experienced similar issues. Peer Activities and Groups Drama group Pottery Choir Reading groups...
  4. C


    Exeter The Bridge Collective Unit 4 King Street Business Centre 7 – 9 King Street Exeter EX1 1BQ 01392 433358 [email protected] A democratic community where people who have experiences, beliefs, and feelings that have sometimes been labelled as mental illness are welcomed and...
  5. E

    Musical Experiences

    Here are some songs that I composed when I was a teenager with the help of musical voice hearing. At the time I thought everybody made music this way, that it was normal to hear a tune playing in your head. Recently I have mixed different songs together to create unique and interesting...
  6. M

    musical hallucinations

    i have a chronic problem with musical hallucinations and they have been constant for nearly 3 years,sometimes i get the odd break from it but most of the time im constantly in pain with it, does anyone else suffer with this problem cheers james
  7. B

    Musical auditory hallucinations

    I am 44 years old and never posted in my life but desperate for some type of communication or outlet to express myself because I feel like a cork ready to pop. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1995 and still struggle today and recently over the past few weeks have experienced music that...
  8. L

    GAD and playing musical instrument

    Hi all im looking for a bit of advice on self help. Ive been a sufferer of GAD for several years and after cbt, etc it never went away but i have grown used to it. As a child i was very musical, and recently got back into it and started taking lessons and learning an instrument. So far ive...
  9. S

    musical therapy

    Caribbean Island Music Relaxing Happy Hour Instrumental Tropical Beach Songs Study Playlist Reading - YouTube happy music, found it whilst looking for celtic music which although soothing is a bit down
  10. T


    Does anyone experience obsessional thoughts about living in a fictional world that's a far cry from this one? I am obsessing about the musical Legally Blonde which i saw in the East End two years ago and I am playing the soundtrack non-stop, picturing myself there, desperately wanting to spend...
  11. bert tomato

    Musical Voices...

    This is absolutely true: About 5 years ago, I was going through a very stressful time. As I awoke once, I heard a voice or voices singing to me about love. I have no explanation. I am ignorant.
  12. 2

    Anyone Play a Musical Instrument ?

    Does anybody play a musical instrument ? I am certain creativeness often goes hand-in-hand with "mental illness." Does anyone write music ? What do you play ? I play piano : ) :)
  13. Gaga1

    Musical diaster to hell :'(

    The story goes that I auditioned for a play called All Shook Up back in September. then in December, the rehearsals began & yesterday I got kicked out and had to give it up because of the fact I didn't go to most of the rehearsals & the worlds worst dancer with the groups. I was so pissed off...
  14. D

    musical about depression

    Imagine a musical about depression ?? songs like this , I am so blue and manic, I see me in the mirror and panic, the moods so down, I am through the floor, my head goes round and round, I never wore odd socks before, The doc gives me multi coloured meds, I get so confused, the hospital has...
  15. S

    Should I forsake my musical ambitions?

    Let me begin by offering a disclaimer: I have little to no faith in these virtual forums as a means of engagement in thoughtful discussion or as a legitimate approach to real-world problem solving. My participation in this exercise is motivated by social isolation and, well,...sheer desperation...