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  1. Lostinthestatic

    Does music help you?

    The depression makes me lose interest in everything, but recently I’ve been getting into metal. I used to really love that kind of music when I was younger and allowed myself to be angry, but I think I tried to suppress that part of me and now it’s spilling out again. I’ve been listening to...
  2. HumanPerson

    19 Stuck in Life

    Hello everyone, this might be a bit of a read I'm not sure yet. Overall, in this thread I'm going to keep the self-pity to a minimum and just give you all the facts. I'm 19 currently living at home with parents and working a part-time nights job at a supermarket. I recently finished studying a...
  3. EmptyIInside

    The BPD Music Thread

    I really enjoy music and often relate many lyrics and songs to my illness. These songs make me feel less alone and I find they can sing the words I can’t speak. Since my diagnosis in May I have found loads of songs I relate to BPD. I have a spotify playlist with 139 current followers, if you’d...
  4. calmsea

    Music and mood + 3 personal examples

    What are your experiences with music and mood? Does anything help? Does anything harm? Depression Mixed state depression No Depression I'm also interested in hearing what music other people find themselves drawn to during different moods.
  5. G

    Helpful Distractions

    I'm wondering what other people do to distract themselves from doing any self harm. I've recently started slipping back into old habits and know I need to curb them before it gets worse. My fiance suggested to me yesterday that I play with a fidget-spinner when I start having certain urges but...
  6. Zardos

    I Went Down Down Down...

    And the flames went higher.. and it burns burns burns... I'm a little hyper.. Which isn't good.. I haven't slept.... I haven't slept since I don't know when.. Anyway its 6:08am and all's quiet.. its hot again... I'm sitting here in my underwear.. Listening to soft jazz and writing this shit...
  7. N

    Helicopters, Police Sirens & Mental Health generally within me - Update

    Helicopters, Police Sirens & Mental Health generally within me - Update Hi Folks, Across the current week, in my area, there have been a lot of sirens, and helicopters, flying about, plus not to mention normal passenger aircraft which miracously, aircraft wise, I haven't heard any. Now...
  8. Zardos

    Someone Has Taken All Of My Pills

    Someone has taken all of my pills !!! o.k. I did... Trouble is I don't remember doing it... If you do it when you are not yourself does that count as someone else doing it ? Plus I don't think the mood music is helping... I've been listening to this ever since I got up :- Piano Bar & Piano Bar...
  9. Funnyday


    My voices have been waking me up in the night by causing dreams to happen. When their activity goes overboad it wakes me up. Right now when typing this they have become active again. I'm listening to music and they are transmitting the voices of the singers slightly later then the music is...
  10. H

    is this anxiety or something else?

    Hey. I would like some advice on my problem and maybe some of you have experienced the same but i cant find anything on internet about this. So basically i get anxious from my favorite music... (atleast i think thats the case) and i really hate it because i really want to listen to it. Ill...
  11. R

    Music that reminds you of BPD?

    Hey all, this might be a bit of a weird thread to start, but I'm curious. To those who also have borderline personality disorder: are there any songs that remind you of BPD? E.g. the lyrics somewhat reflect your experience with the illness. I'll start with one: 'A Guy Like You' by Lisa Germano...
  12. A

    Exposure therapy for constant voices.

    So I'm hearing voices more or less constantly, or constantly when I'm at home anyway. Barely at all when I'm outside or in some other building, but a fair bit when I've actually spent the night at someone else's house. I think for me the cause is basically stress/anxiety, and what I hear is...
  13. B

    Self Harm using Music?

    Do you think it's possible to SH by listening to music that you know will trigger and torment you massively? (I had another post written out about this but my PC crashed x2 times so I'm sorry if this appears as a double posted Thread.) I've only been thinking about this for a few weeks but...
  14. N

    My Schiophrenia Based Coniditions Mixed Up = Flared Up/Before and After holiday/vacation

    My Schiophrenia Based Coniditions Mixed Up = Flared Up/Before and After holiday/vacation Hi Folks, Since before the holiday, and during, my szchiophrenia based condiitons have not been happy. I have been having disruptive sleep, a lot, and also my mild acute forms of anxiety and paranoia...
  15. G

    Depression, manic depression, unsure what's wrong with me?

    Hi all, I'm here because I don't know what else to do. For the past few months I've felt extremely weird mentally. One day I'll be fine, I'll be very productive finishing my work, and I'll be listening to my favorite music, perhaps with my favorite latte in hand. The next day I'll be listening...
  16. M

    The Shift of Balance

    Hello there, I'm a 28 year old jazz pianist, and have been dealing with depression since August 2014. My experience is strange in the sense that I seemed to notice instantly a shift in my thought processes, and had a sort of weird premonition that things were going to change and get difficult...
  17. M


    I am a baseball fan and country music fan I love Brett Young. His music has helped me he sings like an angel.
  18. N

    A series of group gathering heard voices

    Hi Folks, Admittedly, I had a slight fall, on Thursday. On icy condition, before I realised what was what. I had been happily trialing me on 20ml, of my antipshycotic and general mental health med brand, and allowing for family upsets, I was fine hearing voices wise, all of the sudden...
  19. J

    How Do I Talk To This Latina Girl?

    I use xat which is a website of chatrooms. Not so long ago out of been bored I sent a kiss emoji to a random girl whilst in this Mexican radio chat listening to Spanish music. At first she wondered what I was doing like all girls would do. Using translation I told her I couldn't help it and I...
  20. N

    Listening To Music/and Musicals Therapy - It does work, believe me.

    HI Folks, I almost had to complimentary laugh when I read about the caption, any advice on therapy under Treatment Sections of the Forums, Talking Therapy, I seriously still think, and feel, that to help my controlling of mental health issues, such as anxiety, paranoia, and hearing voices, even...