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  1. D

    (Another newbie,) Hello there.

    I'm not really sure where to start with this thread, so I guess I'll start with the reason why I joined. ~ Saturday, me and my partner were due to meet my mum in town. I told her we were shopping, so she knew-only when we went to the pub where she was waiting to order food- she was angry and...
  2. M

    Just need someone to know

    I was molested when I was 10 by my stepdad. I can remember everything about it, I told my mum and also my dad and my dad obviously reported this to the police. I went through a number of interviews where I had to explain what happened, describe things such as what a penis felt like and how it...
  3. M

    Brother made mum with cancer feel suicidal

    It’s dominating my mind. Has done for over a year. Mum had cancer twice and I cared for her. Brother didn’t know I was caring as despite being half a mile away he wasn’t interested in seeing her. When he found out I was living with her and nursing her he told me “not to bother”. She died saying...
  4. T

    I don't know where to go from here :(

    Hi all, This is a difficult post for me to write but I need somewhere to be able to air exactly how I'm feeling and hopefully gain some advice on what to do. I'm sorry, I already know it's going to be a long one. I think I've probably struggled with depression since I was 14 years old - I've...
  5. B

    I'm really scared

    Hello all, It's hard to post this but this week has been possibly the worst my mental health has ever been. Since Saturday i've gone downhill so so fast. I had a little worry, It started as a minor worry, then it developed inside me to a concern, the grew larger and larger into a huge...
  6. R

    I'm going to lose my cool

    I am really feeling depressed lately and its mainly due to my sister not listening to me by keep smoking weed in the house. I've asked her several times to go outside in the garden and do it, yet she still refuses. I live with my mum but my mum doesn't seem to care and isn't taking authority...
  7. X


    I can’t control the urges, I have to feel some sort of relief. I cant talk to anyone about it as they don’t understand, my mum calls me a drama queen, my husband doesn’t know, my gp tells me to stop but I can’t
  8. T

    My mum overdosed today

    Hi all, just feeling really low today, got back from work to find out my mum was in hospital from attempted suicide, by overdosing. This isnt the first time this has happened but she had been doing so well this year. Its hit me harder today than ever before I dont know why. Just feel sick, and...
  9. D

    Is she Really On Drugs?

    My sister diagnosed with with BPD and she lies, emotionally bullies and begs my mum for money, and obviously my mum gives in. Usually she'll say she needs the money for food or to get a bus back to where ever she's staying. We've suspected she has been using the money for drugs or alcohol but...
  10. D

    Does Tough Love Work?

    My sister apparently has BPD and a drug problem. She is now homeless after being kicked out of a charity homeless shelter, so is not living with a 'friend'. But she has no income so always begs, lies or emotionally bullies my mum for money. How do we get her to change and take responsibility...
  11. D

    What's the solution?

    Apparently my sister has bpd, she's in her mid 30s now and has always caused problems. A couple of years ago she lost her flat because the landlord was selling it, so she ended up sleeping on 'friend's' sofas. She is unemployed and has been for many years, so she emotionally bullies my mum...
  12. D

    What To Do?

    Hi all, Hope someone can help. My sister apparently has BPD. She doesn't live at home but in charity housing and is on benefits. For the last 2 years she has been an utter nightmare. She constantly harasses my mum for money and threatens to kill herself if she isn't given it or she makes up...
  13. laula

    can BPD let you have a safe pregnancy

    Does anyone know if pregnancy can be affect BPD and if I could have the meds I need? I would love to be a mum but am worried about safely having a baby any advice please!
  14. W

    Difficult to continue relationship (inc. ghosting) with Dad

    Hi all - looking for some advice on a longstanding issue that I can never rationalise. I've always had a less than close relationship with my Dad. Although he had some moments of kindness, he was pretty detached from us growing up (in contrast with the rest of my family). I find this quite hard...
  15. C

    I think my mum is toxic

    Hello all. It's 4.45am and while my kids are asleep I want to try and put into words how I feel. I hope I can find some answers on here. I don't find it easy to explain my mum. I'm 29 and it was four years ago when I was expecting my first child all these feelings came out. My mum made me feel...
  16. K

    New Member

    Hi, Just feel like i am stuck . I'm unsure if i am ill . I have moments when i have thoughts and visions of me injuring myself. I tense up my whole body for a few seconds to get rid of those thoughts . Some days i am full of energy and i want to do things at hyper speed or...
  17. C

    Newbie Here

    Hey All Just thought I'd say hi. I joined these forums as I am going through a very low period of my life and I am really trying my best to hang onto the threads that have come undone. I am finding things difficult but I am trying to take each day as it comes. I have anxiety but I also feel...
  18. H

    I am new to this NEED ADVICE!!

    Ive never posted on these sites before and its kinda hard...But here goes....From the age of 6 years old i lost my dad to an horrific death he died in a car accident which lead to him being 70% first degree burnt. I remember the police arriving at the hostel for mothers and children which we...
  19. F


    I am currently experiencing transference with my boss at work, and am wondering if other people can relate. I saw my boss as a mother figure and relied on her for most of my emotional support. She was like my mum and my best friend. Recently I have had a meeting with her and HR, due to my...
  20. A

    Sectioned After Family Arguement

    Hi Everbody, I'm here because of Mental Health Awareness Day... Long time listener, second time caller. I have suffered for years with depression, stress and anxiety. Good days, bad days. I managed to hold down a pretty decent job for a while in The City. My Mum was diagnosed wih dementia...