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  1. F

    The mortgage is in my name, would he get half?

    Hi Can anyone give me some advice on this please? I have a mortgage that is in my name only and my partner lives with me. If we split up, would he be able to get half of my house? I moved into the house and had my mortgage before I met him. I hope someone can help. thanks.
  2. S

    Need Advice

    Hello I hope you are all well. I have suffered depression years ago when my relationship never worked out. For the past year I got a new job and moved to London which was very lonely and I decided to move more north as I have friends there etc. For around 3 months I have been feeling depressed...
  3. A

    Family Issues Ruin My Life at Times

    I get on with my life as best I can but there are some underlying issues that are always there. On the surface it all seems fine but underneath I suffer with anger issues, depression and anxiety. My story is so long I could actually write a book so for the purpose of this forum I will have to...
  4. R

    anxiety issues

    I think I’ve always had anxiety issues but I’ve never addressed them. I first truly acknowledged it when I went for a smear test. I managed to get so worked up over it that they couldn’t do the test. Still haven’t had one. Sex is impossible to. I get so worried about how much it will hurt. Then...
  5. R

    “Borderline despair”

    Hii, Needing some advice on how to pull myself out the “borderline despair” stage. Everything in my life has changed recently, moved house so moved away from my best friends who was my safety net and keep me grounded, also fell out with one of my very best friends due to his ex being a sneak...
  6. T

    Ready to give up!

    While having my morning brisk walk to work this morning it dawned on me that my life just sucks, and generally thought would anyone even notice if I weren't here anymore. Been on Citalopram for the last 9 months solid, after taking them sparingly for short periods over the last 10 years. I've...
  7. G

    Moved across country

    I moved from Colorado to California 2 months ago. Things have been very hard for us here. My husband hurt his back and can barely function. He can't really work much. He is hostile at times which makes him very hard to live with. He is extremely passive aggressive so most of the time I just...
  8. P

    I Moved Out My Moms House.

    Soo Everyone i took a big step and moved out of my moms house to live with my boyfriend. im 22 so i thought i wanna be an adult and move out. Soo im nervous and excited at the same time..
  9. O

    Struggling anxiety & depression + possible ptsd?

    I'm 23, diagnosed with depression at 16 and anxiety at 18 and I've had a pretty difficult few years, when I was 16 my father moved away for reasons unknown. Shortly after this my Mother became severely brain damaged due to hydrocephalus, I dropped out of education to look after her, my dad would...
  10. R_Sxo

    Dealing with Separation Anxiety?

    Hi all, Normally, I'd be replying to help others, but looks like I've found myself needing help this time :) Currently, I've just been hit with a wave of emotion since I'll be leaving school very soon. I love my school, the teachers, the environment, the pupils....everything - I feel upset...
  11. blurrypeach

    Voice scared

    I have 4 voices at the moment. Child (who is me, when I was 9 y.o.) cried the other day after a man was obviously up to something on the bus, leaning in to press his body against mine multiple times, and the more I moved away the more he moved closer. This still makes me sick to think about...
  12. C

    Confused and Exhausted

    I've been dealing with anxiety and depression problems for years, but cannot overcome this latest episode. I'm not sleeping, and am obsessing about mistakes that I may (or may not) have made at work. I'm unable to process and objectively analyze information right now. It's like my brain is...
  13. I

    Can't make up mind!!!!

    HI. Never posted on anything like this before but in need of some help so here goes! After having my daughter 10 years ago, I suffered from post natal depression. 2 years later I had my son and also had post natal depression although not as severe. For the last 10 years I have taken citalopram...
  14. S

    Introduction and reaching out for bit of help.

    Hi everyone, I've just joined and hope to have a nice time on here. Let me tell you a bit about myself. Ive been diagnosed with BPD about 5 years ago. I have moved from the city to the country about 3 years ago with my partner when I was pregnant. Moved to the country in hopes for a better life...
  15. S

    Landlord asked for my councellor

    I moved into a new place in 2015 and during the interview process my landlord asked for my councellors number. I informed my councellor and he said I don't see how that's any of their business. I then called my case worker for ODSP and she said that I'm being discriminated against. What is the...
  16. C

    Help with housing

    Hello, I'm Joe and have an official diagnosis of depression, anxiety and autism. I've recently left supported accommodation, into my own council flat. My doctor moved me off medication, and then I felt helpless. When I moved into my council flat, my downstairs neighbour has since been...
  17. B

    This isn't a fairy tale I'm living in.

    Hello everyone. I can't stand the person I'm living with & I"m afraid I'll do something I'll regret. I moved to Edmonton in 2011 & I've also moved around a few times, because I'm not the best housekeeper etc. I'm currently living in a support home & the person I live with whom I'll call Scary...
  18. S

    New Here from Dorset

    Hi, I'm in my 20's and suffer with social anxiety and aspergers. I would like to meet new people and make friends. I've just moved to the area. I like writing poetry, walking and going to the cinema. I am shy, timid and quiet but am very understanding :)
  19. S

    Poisonous Town (People): Colwyn Bay

    I'm stressed every day.:low: My mind is becoming unfocused and suffering degradation every time I am around these horrible people. Due to the relentless nature of the local human scourge. :BLAH::thumbdown::eek2: Moved to a town not by choice where the varied people are wearing on a daily basis...
  20. IronicFlower

    Hi, I'm new

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and not really sure how it all works, but this was suggested to me by my mum as I'm stuggling pretty bad with anxiety. I've struggled with anxiety my whole life and this had led to problems with depression and other possible psychological issues that have been...