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  1. R

    So screwed up.

    I am absoluely screwed. I've been thinking about suicide. I dont mean to but it comes when i feel bad about myself, low mood etc then the feeling comes back. I am the worst sort, no fight left just want to do what my thoughts are telling me. All of this positive stuff is a farce. I need help. I...
  2. qwerty1234

    Always wanted a fairytale life

    I have never grown up... I thought life would just happen to me on its own, no having to scheme or manipulate, that I would just find my passion and move towards it. I hope it will work out in 2019, I seek a deeper connection between myself and this world.
  3. S

    Any one under guardianship of the mental health act

    Family, freinds, ie the person, who is subject to it, what do you think of it, ie accommodation, did you have to move to different era, what kind of accommodation did you get, or they get? And advise welcome please, unfortunately I have been mentally ill all my life since I was seven onwards...
  4. T

    UC and 6 monthly fit notes

    Is this even if you are in the support group? 6 montly fit notes. It is a hard benefit to understand and i am dreading having to move over to it from esa. Friends are having big problems.
  5. R

    My mental problems please advise me?

    Hi I’m not sure if I have mental health issues but I will explain. I have had to move in with my parents as I can’t afford a place on my own (I am 36) I am embarrassed I’ve got no friends I can move in with they are settled even people my age from school are. I am miserable because I want to...
  6. B

    Cannot move on from regret

    Just to recap. I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, chronic depression and anxiety disorder. Encompassed with drug and alcohol addiction. It makes for quite an interesting story. I am trying so hard to move on from my past at the present. Does anyone else really...
  7. J

    Anxiety this morning

    Morning All, New user here, so go easy on me :) I have had anxiety for a while, but the last few weeks, even the last few months I've felt great. However, my partner has recently been in hospital and is now at home recovering. Her son is three and is going through the phase of temper tantrums...
  8. Guy12182

    So depressed I'm speechless

    I have such a loss for words to just explain how depressed I really am! I think I just might move out of NYS and just find a new life somewhere!! :low:...........
  9. N


    Hi, Well im not sure where to start. I believe I have always had depression and it reared its head a few months ago due to work. I went to the doctors who confirmed this and put me on tablets... then i was ok a few months after so i came off them. I had to move out of my home and move into my...
  10. D


    Hi, I am trying to get some information. I am on disability benefits and I receive rental assistance form my parents. Unfortunately, my parents and my landlord are driving me crazy. I have been asking for several years to get help, although permission is starting to sound more accurate...
  11. T


    4 1/2 years ago my partner of 14 years decided he wanted to move back to the UK. I didn’t try to stop him as he told me he did not love me anymore. I knew that he was depressed and was very concerned that he was making a wrong move based on emotion. I begged him to stay but he went anyway. I was...
  12. E

    Rejected by friend

    OK so I have depression and gad. Ive known this guy over 18 months and we went on two dates. But he say we be friends. But I liked him more than friends, but he knew I liked him and said to.me just friends, I felt hurt but excpted it. But just these last few days we have fallen out, we do often...
  13. DoctorInternet2

    Schizophrenia and noisy neighbours

    I suffer from various mental health problems including delusions and depression, and I have a very noisy female neighbour next to me who doesn't work and likes to be in all the time. I want to move, but it's very difficult for me to motivate myself. She was suppose to be in temporary...
  14. N

    Depression due to impossible work Situation

    Hello - sorry to introduce myself with a long moan, but I am hoping for some help and advice in dealing with a situation at work, which has caused me a lot of stress, anxiety and depression over the last 6 months. I have been working at the same company for nearly 20 years and have been (until...
  15. D

    How do you move forward with a friendship

    I really don't know. It's been months sense the last lil incident but time after time it just adds on like a snowball affect. Stemming from the initial distrust. I've known this guy about 9 years and just being in his company I want to knock him the fuck out or stab him. Or just in my head give...
  16. P

    Has anyone else successfully been discharged by the mental health team in England?

    Has anyone else successfully been discharged by the mental health team in England? I've been trying to move to a new area but only want to do it when I'm not under the mental health team. Every time it's time to get discharged something comes up. Like one Dr wanted me to get tested for Autism...
  17. S

    Question About Hearing Voices

    Can you look into your own eye's in a mirror and not move your eyes when hearing a voice?
  18. A

    How do I move forward

    Ok so I have been struggling with depression for about 6 years now and the last 4 have been the worse! Im struggling bad at the moment because I can’t move forward with my life. Every time I think I’m getting somewhere it comes back at kicks me in the face... it’s never ending and I’m getting...
  19. A

    Depressed and father issues

    Hello everyone, I’m hoping to get some advice from you wonderful people. My father has been an alcoholic since I was in elementary school, he is very verbally abusive and has gotten physical a few times. He joked me out and punched my mom. This year has been a new low for him and he’s trying to...
  20. S

    Newcomer - In need of advise - In love with best friend

    Not sure if this is the place for this really but really in need of any advice from anyone who may have gone through something similar. I have had anxiety and depression, low self esteem etc for a number of years now. So I have been best friends with a girl for around 10 years and have pretty...