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  1. Spaceman

    Dry Mouth

    Hi I am on fluoxetine and quetiapine and I am suffering from dry mouth and has got real bad. I do not have the best set of teeth and worried it will make this worse, Apart from the usual pastilles or spray any tips to help with this side effect? Thanks Spaceman
  2. LexLoofer

    Zoloft Side Effects

    Anyone have daily diarrhea from Zoloft? Have you found any non-prescription ways to help? What about for dry mouth? Thanks.
  3. D

    Tardive Dskensia

    My daughter was taking 100mg of seraquel and 6mg of resperdone for schizophrenia. She has developed this side effect where she constantly is moving her mouth. I pointed it out to psychiatrist a few weeks ago and he stopped seraquel. She still has the mouth movements on resperdone alone. So he...
  4. blacksmoke

    Hey I've Got A Question

    yeah just lately i have had a metallic taste in my mouth and it just wont go away tried looking on the net but nothing that i could really find so has anyone got any idea what it could be? i used to think it was to do with mercury fillings but gradually i have had these replaced with white...
  5. R

    Strange social anxiety symptom

    Does anyone feel really aware of there own face when speaking to people like every twitch or mouth movement is questioned in your head ? It's so frustrating and makes me panic
  6. S

    I hate life

    Just that, I wish the world would just eat me up. I'm a bad person and don't deserve to be living life. I have a big mouth and have torn my family apart by saying my brother sexually abused me.
  7. sunset547544

    Self Harming

    I do this when I get stressed out with work, which happens pretty much all day every day. By the end if the day it is really sore. I am finding it almost impossible to stop / it feels like a reflex reaction. Any advice?
  8. S

    Judgement day.

    Ok so tomorrow I go the hospital and hopefully I will find out what this white patch in my mouth is, In case any of you don't know my dentist found a white patch in my mouth back in May and I was having pain in my face, the pain has eased now although it does hurt when I yawn, I googled the...
  9. S

    I'm scared.

    I have had pain in the right side of my face for about 4 weeks now. I went the dentist yesterday because I wasn't sure if it was my teeth or what. Anyway my dentist did see me because they said it was an emergency. My dentist examined me and she said that I have a white patch in my mouth but I...
  10. P

    Triggers with my schizophrenia. (Whats Yours?)

    Hey its Paige, So everyone has triggers right? .. yes and some people handle the differently. With my hallucinations and voices its very tough for me to handle! For example i see this girl michelle shes one of my hallucinations and she has her mouth sown shut she can still talk but shes really...
  11. M

    Dry mouth

    I have recently started on Venlafaxine and am experiencing really dry mouth would this be a side affect? m
  12. R

    Should I see a psychiatrist?

    I think I might have depression in some form or another but I'm not sure if I actually do. For the past six or seven months now I've been talking to myself out loud when I feel like I'm just talking to myself in my head. When I'm in my room I'll tape my mouth, or when I go to lecture I'll keep...
  13. 9

    Have a voice that comes out of my mouth

    I have a voice that comes out of my mouth, it has a potty mouth it uses very foul language f%÷k this and f$%k that. It's talks out of my mouth, does anyone know what this is called?
  14. L

    Will the NHS fund plastic surgery to repair the damage from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

    Will the NHS fund plastic surgery to repair the damage from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? I believe my mother was an alcoholic while she was pregnant with me, as I have every facial symptom of FAS aside from the thin upper lip. Here are a list of surgeries I will need so my face appears normal; *Skin...
  15. F

    Tell the government to put its money where its mouth is

    Mind - Linkis.com
  16. loulabelle

    carbamazapine skin rash

    Has anyone suffered from skin rash and mouth ulcers. Ever since a dose increase ive developed a nasty rash and sore mouth and ulcers. Gp has taken bloods and given antihistamines the rash is getting worse !! Back to gp
  17. shaky

    Is there something wrong in my brain

    I saw a video of me being interviewed and I was horrified :eek: I know that most people hate seeing themselves on video, but this was different. I was talking out of just one side of my mouth - like popeye with his pipe in his mouth And I seem to be talking through my nose It's hideous I...
  18. C

    think i am getting Tardive Dyskinesia? experience? advice?

    Hi I think I am getting tardive dyskinesia I have panicked with this fear countless times but dont think ive had so many instances of movements over such a long time (a week) I will stick to the last week with my recollections 3-4 days in a row, slight facial movement, one side of my mouth...
  19. A

    one day

    i will learn to shut my fuckin mouth !
  20. A

    why can't i

    Just learn to keep my mouth shut y don't i just die get it over with fuck it lets get it over with its not like i am any use here.... I just can't cope. Cya