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  1. W

    Panic/aniexty when driving car

    Hey was wondering if anyone else had the same problems as me and if they overcame it. I've been having trouble driving on motor ways in fear of having a panic attack and aniexty, intrusive thoughts started the whole thing. I just don't know how did get above it, I tried to drive on motor way...
  2. M

    Post-Adolescence Tourette/Tics

    So it has been called a myth that Tourette Syndrome's tics lessen in severity with age. I however, in experience, have not noticed a lessen in severity, in fact, my tics have seemed to worsen over the years. I was not diagnosed with TS until I was 17, however I have had motor and vocal tics...
  3. F

    NLD- 5 major traits

    I got this from someone I know. Some say NLD/NVLD is part of the spectrum. Some say it isn't. NLD stands for nonverbal learning disability. It has five major traits, although these can absolutely vary greatly between individuals: 1 - Advanced verbal abilities. Usually good vocabulary, good...
  4. GoghTardis

    Hearing stuff again

    I was stressed to a panic trying to sleep and the lawn mower sound came back, it is quieter now. Not a voice but tis is the best place for this question I think. It was much worse two weeks ago and then when I tapered completely off lithium it was gone so I assumed it was just another side...
  5. K

    dissociative motor dissorder

    Who has this? Please help
  6. Y

    dissociative motor disorder

    have you been dxd with this? have you still got symptoms? have you recovered? i am looking for anyone who has knowledge or personal experience of this, not just bits pulled off other sites as i think i have read them all, but personal stuff, like how you coped, what you felt, how your care team...
  7. B

    Review on Study of Neurobiology of CD by Voon et al

    I've already posted on results of this research but this review is worth reading. Introduction When neurology and psychiatry moved apart from each other around the turn of the 20th century, casualties included the many patients with unexplained neurological disorders. Many labels have been...