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  1. DoctorInternet2

    Schizophrenia and noisy neighbours

    I suffer from various mental health problems including delusions and depression, and I have a very noisy female neighbour next to me who doesn't work and likes to be in all the time. I want to move, but it's very difficult for me to motivate myself. She was suppose to be in temporary...
  2. V

    Hello dysthymia or Persistent Depressive Disorder sufferers! How to get motivated?

    Hello dysthymia or Persistent Depressive Disorder sufferers! How to get motivated? Hi fellow dysthymics/PDD peeps! Do you struggle with no energy and low motivation? I did and still do sometimes. How do you motivate to get moving...out of bed, to work, to do exercise? Is there any...
  3. O

    Struggling with emotions

    Hi everyone, I have suffered from anxiety and depression for 6 years now due to many different factors of my life and have recently been diagnosed with bipolar. I have of recent been extremely down, I have no motivation, it has gotten to the point where j can't get out of bed anymore I just lay...
  4. A

    not sure if i have depression or not

    hi so as the title says i'm not sure if i'm depressed or if i'm just tired/slow due to a lack of excercise or something. i kind of feel like i might be in that i do have negative thoughts sometimes but not so much about myself but like about life- mainly now it is concerning university exams i...
  5. J

    The struggle must go on

    I will never work, never have a wife, never have kids, never be able to sustain mature relationships, never own my own house. Added to the mix is I have a constant fear of losing control and attempting to kill myself if I do try for these things. It's a saga trying to find ways to motivate...
  6. E


    what have others found useful to motivate themselves ? can anyone help
  7. ilovemycats20

    I'm new, I don't know whats wrong with me

    Hi my name is Nic. My whole life from about age 11 has been insanely terrifying. I have suffered so much abuse in many forms such as sexual, rape, mental, emotional and physical. It seems like I put myself in bad situations and these things keep on happening to me. I am scared of myself...
  8. calabi-yau

    feeling lost

    i can't really go into details because it would be too stressful, but it mainly comes down to feeling like i'm being preyed on because of my vulnerability. i'm going for long walks and bike rides to help. seeing nature and meeting people on the trails helps lift my spirit. i'm on 800mg of...
  9. R

    Working with depression

    I'm back at work after a spell of severe depression and it's near impossible to motivate myself, I'm achieving nothing and going through the motions
  10. J

    Just out of hospital

    I am a mum who's son has just returned home after his first psychotic episode. He is on depot. Struggling to motivate him. Can anyone help please?
  11. L

    Need a solution, if there is one.

    my mum has openly confessed that she will hate me if i live at home. Im 19 and i have never really liked her in fact i dont want anything to do with her or any of my family and my depression is starting to hit severe because of them. Im just lost. I cant move out because i dont have enough money...
  12. deadchick07

    Day Services for 18-30 year olds (answers from 18-30's only please)

    If you were advised to attend a day centre to help with your recovery, what would a) put you off going b) motivate you to go and what activities would you like to do when there? trying to change things from the inside, your help would be appreciated xxx
  13. buntyndaisy


    Hi everyone, I'd be interested to know if anyone is using any mindfulness books or techniques to overcome depression and/or anxiety, I have a few books and have been trying a few things, although what I'v been trying does help but need to keep motivating myself to keep going, maybe we could...
  14. P

    No motivation

    One of the the things i struggle with is motivation , i'm having one of those days where i think to myself that i need to sort my life out and get over my social anxiety and depression , but i will be motivated by this for about 20 minutes , and this happens so often , this might be because i've...
  15. prairiechick

    All I Want Is To Sleep

    Gloomy, grey days, rain in the forecast for the next 7 days. I can't handle this. It gets me so terribly down, and all I want is to sleep. It's supposed to be sunshine and blue sky. Is this what global climate change is doing to the prairies? On sunny days I feel gloriously happy, but grey...
  16. B

    No goals or motivation :/

    Hey everyone, Just so bored and can't be bothered with anything right now, everything seems like a hassle. I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep forever. I'm definitely not at my lowest but just so unmotivated.... I can barely motivate myself to think right now. I hope I'm not like this...
  17. F

    Find it hard to motivate myself

    Find it hard to motivate myself and think of and achieve future goals. I just seem to drift aimlessly from day to day and have little or no ambition/drive. Medication currently available does little for these things but my injections do lessen my paranoia/weird thoughts/and emotional reactivity.
  18. A

    Bored to death......

    What is it about weekends. I work all week looking forward to the 2 day break but nothing is different. I have the same routine every weekend. Tescos early morning for shopping,grab a coffee and home on both saturday and sunday. than its back to work. I cant motivate myself to do anything...