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  1. Poopy Doll


    I received my mammogram test results yesterday. "This finding is highly suggestive of malignancy." "spiculated mass lesion is a 1 cm spiculated solid mass" and now they want to do all their horrible stereotactic guided core needle biopsies. I am not a well person mentally. How am I suppose to...
  2. Poopy Doll

    Anxiety around my son

    Sometimes I wake up sad because I think about how my middle son ignores me. I was very anxious the last few times I saw him because I had to travel for four hours in a car to go see him. And the traveling made my legs hurt. And I get very anxious when my legs hurt. So he has a bad memory of me...
  3. Poopy Doll

    Foundation Programming

    Most of you guys have seen me write to people about their Foundation Programming and I always advocate challenging it. But honest to God, I don't think I will ever get past the horrible feeling of being invalidated/dismissed by someone in their Critical Parental Mode. I just go head long into an...
  4. L

    A Mother's Day Manifesto for Grieving Mothers

    Mother’s Day Manifesto for Grieving Mothers | Psychology Today I am not a mum but found this interesting and relevant as is Mother's Day today in the US. Apparently according to the DSM 5 you have to be over grief in two weeks now for it not to be considered a mental illness. :(
  5. N

    My Own Mental Health Problems (including Paranoia) and my mother's current problem

    My Own Mental Health Problems (including Paranoia) and my mother's current problem HI all, Due to anxieties having crept upon me fast over the weekend gone, and earlier this week I'd been hearing voices, having hallucinations slightly, and I increased my medication up again to 25ml. On the...
  6. LanaDelReyForever

    Is it normal?

    Heyy guys I'm 20, don't go to college, never had a job. I'm only helping my parents in home. My mother's helping me to find job, is it ok If I don't have one yet?
  7. B

    emotionally verbally abusive son

    I have always cared for my adult son early diagnosed with schizophrenia. We have always been very close but in the past year he has become verbally abusive as well as emotionally abusive. He says I say things I don't say and every moment I'm with him he yells at me and even swears at me and...
  8. A

    Non supportive extended family

    I have never found support from my extended family neither on my Mothers or Fathers side.They never accepted me or understood my condition. As i got older my behavior became more noticeably Autistic and i was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. This caused the relationship with my Grandmother...
  9. C

    Some advice please!!

    Hello everyone, I've been looking for somewhere to go to try to get some help (I've done the doctor and therapist!). I'm 31, I've had various problems, mainly depression, in varying severity but also other stuff, since I was a teenager, and I've been to the doctor a lot, but find antidepressants...
  10. P

    F*** mother's day.

    God what a stupid fucking holiday. Mothers should buy their sons and daughters presents to apologize to them for forcing them into this hellhole. Can it possibly get dumber and shittier than mother's and father's day? They put you here to benefit themselves and you buy them gifts to thank...
  11. I


    Hi, I am new to this forum and im looking for people who feel the same or can relate to me. I have suffered from depression for around 4 years but recently i have become so lost in myself i dont know what to do. I am constantly having horrible thoughts and it keeps me awake at night. I let it...
  12. F

    anxious about appointment

    Hi, So I've been waiting for a care coordinator for a while now and have finally been assigned one. She is coming to my home tomorrow but I'm anxious. I live with parents and my mother will be home when my coordinator visits. Will the care coordinator talk to my mum about my issues? Will she...
  13. amathus

    Daughters of Unloving Mothers ~ 7 common wounds.

  14. Poopy Doll

    Schizophrenia and Mothers

    I know everything gets blamed on the mother. But with the schizophrenic people I have known, they all have had an unusual attachment to their mothers. The friend I have now spends every weekend with his mother and he's twenty eight years old. He told me she is very domineering but in the next...
  15. D

    How can I get my grandmother to stop smoking? Please help

    My grandmother is 65 years old and is a nicotine addict. She's been doing it ever since she was eighteen. I'm surprised she has not died yet from lung cancer, from her emphysema, or her COPD. I need some advice she knows it's bad for her but she won't quit. She is also taking anti depressant...
  16. shaky

    New government confirms £1.25Bn committed by coalition for children's/mothers' MH

    New government confirms £1.25Bn committed by coalition for children's/mothers' MH http://www.communitycare.co.uk/2015/05/29/government-quells-fears-scrap-coalitions-mental-health-funding-pledge/ Nice for children and mothers then :rolleyes:
  17. M

    Hearing voices

    The voices in my head are getting worse they keep saying I don't need a carer and I don't need anyone I should be able to manage by myself I keep hearing my mothers voice saying I am worthless and that I should not be healthy and that I should be seriously ill by now and that nobody wants...
  18. valleygirl

    Mother's Day

    Every year I hate Mother's Day. And every year I feel guilty for hating Mother's Day. My mother did not physically abandon me by walking away from our family, but she was absent in so many ways when I needed her to be there. And then she was present in so many painful, humiliating ways...
  19. idontwanna


    Hi all, Just introducing myself. 40+ yo male, living on the East Coast of Australia. Always had self-confidence and depression issues since puberty at least (don't remember much before that). Not too sure how much to share or overshare here. So I'll start with a basic share. Having a...
  20. Sparklypurplepaws

    happy mothers day

    Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, childless parents, motherless children, dads who take on mums role too - happy Mother's Day to us all xxxx