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  1. C

    I think my mother deliberately tries to make me stressed and anxious

    Hi everyone, Does anyone else here have a narcissistic mother or is familiar with the concept? I believe I have a narcissistic mother. I started to figure this out a few years ago when I ended up in an abusive relationship with a psychopath and had to leave suddenly when he threatened to hurt...
  2. N

    This illness has ripped me apart

    I can't take it anymore. the police came to my house a few days ago because a support website thought i was going to hurt myself. they were wrong. I want to die not hurt myself. I just want it all to end. this is something that none of my friends family teachers, the police the therapists can...
  3. R

    My mother gets offended that my sister and I flinch when she is angry

    I'm not here to exagerate a one-sided story that demonizes my mother. She has always been a single mother and I love and appreciate everything she's done as any son should. I have my faults to with having ADHD and moodswings. What won't be denied is that my mother use to hit us, pull our hair...
  4. B

    Should I be concerned?

    So my mother's terminal illness, a brain tumor, is probably going to kill her very soon. Lately, Im wishing it was me dying, not her. I also wish I could die, so that I don't lose her. My life is a nightmare now. The only relative who understood me (whilst not getting everything right) is gone...
  5. B

    I'm about to lose my mother

    So, back in february while getting ready for a holiday in Norway, my mother collapsed and was rushed to hospital, unable to walk or balance. After weeks of testing, they have discovered a brain tumor. Within 3 weeks of it being found, it progressed from a small one on one side of her brain, to a...
  6. D

    Mentally Ill Mother

    My mother. I love her so much, but it is so incredibly difficult to be around her. She requires constant validation. Constant. Every little thing she does she has to keep mentioning to me until I give her praise for doing it. She is always fishing for compliments. It is terribly exhausting and...
  7. MeropeneM

    Suspecting my mother of BPD and PTSD

    Hello fellows, I'm Jester but you can also call me Proxy or Mero. I had a recent discussion with my mother, in her 60s, openly diagnosing her of borderline and explaining how her episodes, motives, ulterior justifications and shifts from idealization to devaluation don't make a lot of sense. I...
  8. N


    Hi, Morning Folks, My mother had taken her blood pressure, we have a machine unit at home, and it was high. There's a GP Hub, set up for out of hours in the Enfield area, so she might well prefer and is going to book up an appointment for there, rather than A and E. And I discovered, that I...
  9. R

    Terrified if I'm attracted to my mother, or if it's just OCD

    I'm taking this medication (MAOI) called Nardil which affects your libido. It's been hard to masturbate. I've had urges, but I can't release. Sometimes I'm at my computer for 5 hours. This morning, I had another session which lasted 3 hours. At the end, I started thinking of my mother when she...
  10. R

    New and unsure

    I suppose the the best way to do this is dive right in. Obviously, I am new here and recently I have been experiencing overwhelming anxiety. Due to the anxiety, I have trouble sleeping, my muscles tense to point they feel as if they are going to tear, and I get the urge break things (or just...
  11. A

    fear of going to the hospital

    "Hi guys, My mother is in her late 50's, and she is a very healthy person for her age. She enjoys a good morning workout, and frankly, I think she is more healthier than me. Lately, it seems, she is suffering from blurred vision. She is finding it difficult to drive the car and even concentrate...
  12. A


    Hi Guys, I am here to know more about the fear of going to hospitals. My mother has it and I am trying to help her.
  13. B

    Happy birthday to myself

    It was my birthday and I was so depressed that I didn't know what to do other than write. So here it is. She laid awake at night, listening to the breath of the house – it was a slow creak, a whistle of a wind trapped between the ceiling and the roof, a quiet whisper against the wintry night...
  14. D

    My Life

    My Life Living up to my mother's expectations was impossible. She wanted me to become her blueprint, to carry on the musician side of her family, and nothing else was expected. Gradually I took back control of my life by seeing my mother as a controlling, self-centered manipulative...
  15. B

    Just want some support.

    Not sure where to start really. I've had depression for many years. Last night I self harmed. My 15 year old son knows what I did and I've had to talk to him about it. I feel such a terrible mother for putting him through this. It was totally my fault as I had alcohol and I know I just can't...
  16. T

    Eating regularly

    I want to try eating regularly. The problem is I find it hard to organise and execute all of the food I like, or want, or need. I am also living with a narcissistic mother, which does not help, as I tend to avoid the downstairs.
  17. Iamsoconfused

    I'm being questioned about my love.

    Hi, i have been having this awkward situation with my mom come up sometimes. It doesn't happen a lot but when it does it leaves me feeling really bad about myself and guilty. My relationship with my mother is not healthy and is pretty codependent. I was raised in a dysfunctional environment...
  18. whitelection

    Is it all in my head?

    As of the past few days, not only am I having trouble sleeping, but I'm also overanalysing every. single. tiny. detail. Why am I not normal like the others, and living my life? But no, my brain continues to tell me that I'm stupid and not good enough. My best friend has been going through a...
  19. V

    I know why I’m like this but I can’t seem to do anything about it

    I’ve never been good enough, not a good enough daughter, my mother resents me, it a good enough niece, not a good enough friend, not successful enough for people I thought were my friends, I didn’t fit the box, not a good enough wife, not fun enough, not interesting enough, not nice enough, not...
  20. L

    Difficult parents - how to forgive and move on

    Hello everyone, I just need to talk to someone about a situation that has been causing me enormous anxiety and stress. My parents have always been quite difficult, in different ways. I must say that I didn't spend the early years of my life living with them but with a relative as they were...