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  1. B

    Dissolved morals dissolved me?

    Hey there, First of all, thank you for hearing me out. I began to work a few months ago and i stressed myself out a number of times. I didnt (want to) realize that im surrounded by people with low morals: cheaters and liars. At first i tried to "get into the group" but later when i realized...
  2. BorderlineDownunder


    My niece is a heroin addict and its going to kill her. She is what they term a "happy user" which means she has no intention of changing her life. I believe George Michael was one of these also. Its exhausting to watch and of course hideous to suffer. Its an illness, not a moral failing. I...
  3. cpuusage

    Do You Suffer From Illusions Of Moral Superiority?

    Studies Show People Over-Attribute Positive Characteristics To Themselves : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR "Do you think you're more honest than the average person? More principled? More fair? If so, you're not alone. Studies consistently find that people think they're morally superior to...
  4. cpuusage

    Bird Killing

    Please don't judge with all this. As a kid we had air pistols & i shot a number of birds. Not a huge amount, but a fair few. i suppose the odd bird was an easy target. For many years now, especially since turning 30 i have felt really bad about it all. i love animals & nature. i love...
  5. S

    Moral & Ethical Integrity

    To add to my previous posts as my brother has become like them too. To trade in ones moral & ethics, principle for sake of building a life and fitting into a town full of people that are not worth fitting in to. :nod2: My father also.:nod2: I will have to eventually wash my hands of them too...
  6. bert tomato

    Moral Schizophrenia

    A Note on Moral Schizophrenia | Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach
  7. rasselas.redux

    Suicide is/is not an option.

    Years back I joined this online voice chat debate. It was called, My Body is Mine and I Have The Right to Die. I put my oar in. I became embroiled in a gnarly to and fro with a woman from Denmark. I have suffered intolerable mental pain all my life, she said, and I demand my moral right to...
  8. F

    Is addiction a moral defect or a mental illness?