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  1. N

    Why should I do when I feel so hollow?

    Hi, everybody. This is my first time around here, and I have been reading a couple of threads here and there, and I wanted to know if anybody has an advice for me. I have been diagnosed with depression, and I have a therapist which I visit monthly, but even with that, I have been...
  2. Funnyday

    Three monthly injection

    I've been offered a new treatment for schizophrenia. I forget the name. Instead of a monthly injection it will entail an injection every 3 months instead. Anyone else been offered this?
  3. B

    Are these manic episodes?

    Hey all, I have been diagnozed with depression for around 7 years. However, I have always suspected there was more to it than that. I get periods where I am incredibly impulsive. For example, I decided on impulse the other day to embark upon a drawing course. I bought all the resources and set...
  4. valleygirl

    I Miss My Therapist So Much

    And it hurts a lot. I just miss her. And now I've quit spiritual direction and stopped going to the soul care monthly meetings. That was my only social connection and I've dropped everything.
  5. Y

    GP Appointments

    Ok, so before christmas I was visiting my GP on a weekly basis for extra support. I last went on 16th November and then didn't go at all in December, spent christmas in different town with family and grandparents etc Now, although I have coped somewhat, I would like to start the GP appts again...
  6. C

    City of Glasgow

    Glasgow Time and Space Wellpark-Kirk Haven Business Centre 120 Sydney Street Glasgow Glasgow City G31 1JF Elaine: 07875219668 Lindsey: 07891673485 [email protected] Time and Space is a unique service in Glasgow offering support and information to people who hear voices and people...
  7. Y

    Depression/Social Anxiety

    My head just tells me I am an annoying patient etc. Not many CBT sessions left I don't think - apparently they review on 6, I think I've had 3 or 4, and I feel quite down about that today, as it helps me to talk things through with someone. It's not like I'm not learning stuff from CBT...
  8. porkpie

    undercurrent psychosis

    I'm on ABILIFY (aripiprazole) 400mg monthly depot and I'm still getting intrusive thoughts about conspiracies around things related to me and this primarily manifests itself when I'm intoxicated when my inhibitions are lowered and I just blurt the thing I'm thinking about to my staff team, I...
  9. Faylen


    Not sure if this is the correct thread here but anyway.. I had a contraceptive implant for three years - as a result of this I had no monthly cycle and as far as I am aware no significant monthly changes in any form. I had this removed (it had ended) about two months ago - I decided not to...
  10. J

    Not my money

    I've quit a job around 6 months ago and they are still paying me monthly. I have been spending the money without thinking of any future repercussions. Am I in the wrong, or is the the companies fault?
  11. Abbierad92

    help: zuclopenthixol injection

    Has anyone had it and if so how long for? How often was it monthly? Thanks
  12. O

    Clean everything I touch with rubbing alcohol

    Hi, I'm new here. & I have OCD. I have always had OCD, but it exacerbated once I got raped. Since the rape, I clean everything I touch with 91% rubbing alcohol, & I find myself using 40 + bottles/month. It's about $90 out of my monthly budget. I want to stop, but don't know how.
  13. A

    Can afford two holidays a year abroad while on benefits.

    I'm not bragging honestly but my predicament is I have surplus cash from my benefits totally around £400 monthly, is this the norm on here. I like to go on bus travels within Europe 5-7 days max. It helps my illness to get away.
  14. mommamia

    New to this forum. hello

    I am Bipolar, have Borderline Personality Disorder, Cyclothymia, Adhd, Hyperthyroid. Some personal health issues. Have 3 unsuccessful suicides, two hospital stays but never Baker Acted. Molested as a child. Severe rapid cycling & I am saying daily, weekly, and monthly. So Here are my problems. I...
  15. G

    Venlafaxine & Monthly Cycles (female) Any Ideas?

    Google has always been good for answering my queries but I cannot find anything. Anyways, I'm getting my monthly time every 1 and a half weeks to 2 weeks apart. I am on the contraceptive Nexplanon implant (although I'd disagree that this is causing it as I've had it 2 years - no periods and it...
  16. mckeo5514

    cycles getting closer together?

    has anyone else had experience of this? before i was diagnosed and medicated my cycles were 2 yearly, when medicated they became 6 monthly, in this last year they went to bimonthly then now im cycling monthly. its doing my head in, the more medicated i get the more i get worse. im seriously...
  17. anagrl21

    so alone

    I've struggled with bulimia now for 6 years I have never felt so terrified and alone. 4 months ago I tried to end my life and ended up in the hospital for a while instead. I have monthly doc app and I'm on a high dose of zoloft but I don't want to.take it anymore. I scared lost and confused. I...
  18. BillFish

    Monthly shot what do you think?

    Monthly shot what do you think? Toying with the idea of the new monthly risperdal shot, it would basically mean I would only be in contact for 130 minutes with mh services in a 12 month period. For all intents and purposes completely independent from them. I signed myself off from any other...
  19. purplerose

    women only

    hi ladies, do u find that your anxiety and depression gets worse like a week right before your monthly cycle?:unsure: