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  1. A

    A Small Miracle Occurred

    I was in such a hellish mental state yesterday and was fully prepared to wake up in Hell this morning, but praise be, it didn't happen. I lay awake for a couple of hours trying to calmly think things through (the past that led up to the latest 'psychotic' episode) and pray to my Higher Power. I...
  2. I

    im so angry i want to scrream

    im just goig to typee without thinking ad let everythig out. i dot give a shit about correct spelllig. im so frustrated with mysef i sabotage shit al the time. constat coflict with different sides of myself who all want different thigs. ad i ufcking hate all of them. i hate kid me the most, kids...
  3. RainbowHeartz

    nom nom

    here is the cookie monster... boom boom boom! ive gained so much weight im a wobbly mess and gross. i have to rock to get my fat ass up :redface:
  4. E

    Monster Energy drink made me hypo

    I was tired at work yesterday so had my first ever. I can only honestly describe it as like being on a stimulant class A drug high for 2 hours followed by a massive crash, intense craving for another one and then bought another one which picked me up again but in a really nervy, shot away way...
  5. Rec and s

    Hello people of this interweb thead

    Professional depression fighter here. Despite an awesome job title there's not much glamour that comes with this life. The poverty, stigma and isolation inherent to being a professional depression fighter makes for harder battles. Lately I've been taking more punches than I've been giving. I...
  6. M

    new to this forum. (not so new to my form of ocd

    Well. Lets see. I have suffered from this for over five years now. To the point i feel maybe its not ocd. Maybe it is me. I will mot go in detail on here because its not a place to do so so openly. I used to be a member of SIAD. but a few years ago. A terrible thing happen to me. My trust in...
  7. L

    Creepy imagination

    Okay so, my background: Self-harmer (recovered), depression and anxiety that I still have. And I've never gone thru a trauma that could affect me. Okay, this has been going on for a long time now, about 2-3 years. That was atleast when I started noticing, so it may have been going on for much...
  8. kizim

    coming of meds...

    After being prescribed loads of different meds for bipolar 2, all of which had horrible side affects. The last was abilify which made me feeling sedated, sleeping up to 14 hrs a day, my hair falling out, swollen eyes & face (I looked like a monster). Even brushing my teeth was an effort. I...
  9. bobshocker

    trapped with no way out , the monster that i have become

    hate my life. i've created a perfect prison. everyday it gets worse, the bad thoughts come back. now i've upset people that i love, and it's getting worse. i've no money, no job, no way out. i can't live in this house no more, cant do the family, husband thing. it's making things worse...
  10. mrlaurel

    if there's somebody out there............

    will you take away my pain? I have had enough, can't eb arsed faking being well any more. had enough. just sod it. OK I understand how much I have to be thankful for, but right now with this monster inside my head I don't want it any more. please god, beam me up.
  11. Lincoln1990

    Is Schizophrenia "bad" in society's eye?

    Just what the title says. Is it bad. I always see people call someone "schizo" even when people don't know someone has Schizophrenia. Am I a monster because I have Schizophrenia? Are we monsters?
  12. ABsea

    i need her to die

    We live with a psycho. Were all fucked up. Half of us takes drugs/meds, the other half puts up an emotional barrier. We despise her but we crave her support. She is stubborn, psychotic, manic, miserable. Always up n down. She is in complete denial of how she is. She thinks her behaviour is...
  13. R

    Ranger's exercise journal

    I am going to get back into exercising tomorrow. I have a bought a couple of pairs of swimming shorts, not those figure hugging ones, don't want to scare anyone.:D I am going to have my frosties, a cup of coffee, definitely won't watch the evil one aka the Kyle monster, and then go straight...
  14. Skater

    How I feel ...just some ramblings

    Ive been having a bad time with my mum this week, we arent talking, a part of me cares, and a part of me doesnt. Ive been waking up to a empty house the past couple of days ( no one home except me ) & this morning it really got to me... I dont SH anymore because the sport I do, the scars are...
  15. D

    cereal addict already...=(

    I have only just decided to take the 1st steps towards recovery from anorexia...for over a year i have been restricting my body to food, especially carbs and fats...yet now that i want to get better i feel like i've turned into a fat monster wanting to demolish all food in sight - i'm like...
  16. daydreambeliever

    do we have feelings?

    deep down in our subconcious our dreams constantly try to make sense of our lifes as we sleep and feelings or thoughts or emotions, so why when i am awake does it feel like i am treated like some sort of robotic. cyborg hell bent on becoming human, i feel like i was manufactured for the...
  17. J

    Dysfuntional monster

    My family created a dysfunctional monster that`s never known any different, so how can a person return to a place where they have never been? Once every few years I have had moments of "clarity" but these are very brief and the "good feeling" only last`s a second. Someone told me once"the...