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  1. Fairy Lucretia

    something weird x

    for so long i have seen myself as vile ,disgusting ,ugly a monster and everyone keeps telling me no you are not you are fine you are normal you are human well i let my aunt take a photo of me to send to my dad and i sent one to my sister and a friend and they said i looked really pretty why do...
  2. K

    What am I ... ?

    Hello everyone, i am 19 years old and currently in highschool final year. But I just don't know more. I have 0 Motivation for anything, taking shower, brush my teeth's, speaking, studying for my school and even for gaming and listening to music. All I do is nothing. I just stare to the computer...
  3. B

    The feeling of having something unique and unexplainable

    Whats been annoying me more on the last weeks, is the feeling that my deep rumination/questions-seeking, developed a whole new concept of worry. It's even hard to explain on words. I feel like, my problem now is not the doubts and the memory itself, but something else grew there, like a...
  4. Fairy Lucretia

    I'm ugly, inside and out

    im a monster im not even human
  5. Kerome

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Here in the Netherlands the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is recognised as a real religion. And in New Zealand too, where ministers may actually marry people. And I’d like to add the Pastafarian prayer... It’s actually quite an interesting religion, meant to demonstrate that the...
  6. I


    Sheffield nurse who had sex with his vulnerable teenage patient is struck off - The Star
  7. A

    I don't want to live anymore

    Life is too painful. I can't keep going. I've been texting the Samaritans which has helped alleviate some of my distress. I still have the urges to harm others which I've been having. Because of those urges I believe I don't deserve to live any more. I have come to the conclusion that I'm...
  8. NicoretteGummed

    Have You Ever Been Homeless???

    I was homeless for two weeks in central London in July 1997. It could have been a lot worse-it could have been winter. I mainly got through it thanks to Woodpecker & Monster Munch. :)
  9. Leslie(notmyrealname)

    Evil Disgusting Monster - a poem I wrote about OCD

    I'm a captive Of the obsessive Compulsive disorder An evil disgusting monster It's in my brain It's got me restrained With these invisible chains My energy is drained It's cheating me out of a life With these fake disgusting thoughts I live with a knife to my throat It's a continuous battle...
  10. J

    Don't know what is real anymore

    I have had OCD since I was 11. I'm 30 years old. It has taken many forms but at the moment I am battling terribly with harm OCD. It flares up when I am upset and angry and I feel I like I am capable of terrible things. I love animals and my harm OCD is nearly always directed at animals. This...
  11. rookie2012

    Trying not to die alone

    For single folks out there, just wondering, do you ever feel like your illnesses are going to be the reason youre going to be single forever? And if you've worked out a way of curbing this feeling... please share? :panic: I grew up with domestic abuse and was abused in a past relationship now...
  12. A

    everything is wrong

    It´s been a long time since I had posted here. I actually made some interesting contacts, seem even on line I manage to push people out of my life, maybe I have nothing good to offer,to anyone really. My life is turning into a botomless well of darkness and wishes that my life expires very soon...
  13. -Phoenix-

    Spirituality without Superstition

    Basically what I mean by this is a form of spirituality that does not involve adopting a belief system involving some/all of the following: past/future lives, karma, psychics, clairvoyants, chakras, special powers, magic, hungry ghosts, heaven, hell, fairy worlds, gods, demons, wizards, goblins...
  14. RainbowHeartz

    BRAIN DAMAGE possibly

    well since psychosis i am a different person is it possible i have had brain damage? maybe a part of my brain wont work anymore? i understand if i get no responses, i realise im a monster
  15. I

    What to do when no one will help you

    See i tried for years now to get the help i needed see some of the issues i dealing with is when i become scared nervous or upset i become verbally abusive argumentive and say what is ever on my mind like an example i may call a black guy that i mad at rhe n word along with a bunch of other...
  16. C

    I want to forget, my body does not

    Hi, I am 18 years old girl and I live with my family. There are dad, mom, my older sister, and my younger brother. I don't have a good relationship with my parents. Mom and dad have been raising me up, giving me money to use, and providing me a transportation to school. However, my mom has also...
  17. J

    im scared s***less of living anymore ,

    I am now hiding in holes, i dont want to deal with life , work, conversation , people, relationships, money, food, and i certainly dont want to travel or run away , its no good you cant escape the monster in your own mind ,,,,if a maniac jihadist cut my head off he would ironicly be...
  18. Fairy Lucretia

    im a vile monster

    im sickening honestly i am everything about me is wrong
  19. I

    why is there no help

    I have lived isolated and on the road for years trying to get help that I so desperately need. Almost any town that I spend longer than a couple of days I look and see what they have as far as resources hoping this town may help me find my path out of the hell I have lived in for years. Yet I...
  20. C


    Hey I'm knew to this forum. I suffer from anxiety and my ocd drives me mad, got to clean, got to cook, must do this, must do that, times running out!!! :( It drives me mad but my biggest thing that helps me is going running and going to classes at the gym where I have no time to think about...