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  1. S

    Volunteering For Life Is Slave Labor or Close To Slave Labor

    Got to admit I don't agree with hand-outs or hand-ups but really what annoys me is some people think doing a fair days work for less than the monies to cover rent/food and the basics is OK as a lifetime career for people. I don't think it is time yet but the basic idea that reducing food...
  2. T

    Best wishes for 2019

    :goodluck: :peace: :):clap::cheers: What are your resolutions going to be? Mine are 1. Survive 2019 2. Diet and exercise 3. Stay away from the doctor and pretend i am normal and well (as no assessments until 2020) :clap::clap::clap::clap: 4. Think seriously about work/possible things i could...
  3. fazza

    You humans are beginning to annoy me

    Time for a mass Extermination I feel. Humans suck the life out of their own species. No other life on this planet does such a thing. We are horrible, a virus that has infected this planet. Too much genuine suffering yet we stand by and watch it happen. Me me me me me. How many times do we...
  4. Butterfly32

    BT nightmare rumbles on

    I just had a voice message from BT about the outstanding amount I owe them and that they will not be sending out another bill. So I sent them an email stating I'd be OK paying the outstanding amount on the condition they disconnect my landline + close my account. Fair enough wouldn't you...
  5. J

    I overdosed.

    This has been quite awhile ago, but i still to this day have never felt the same. I think I may have caused brain damage, to what extent i do not know. I don't have money to find out, so I was seeing if there's any nice people that have had insight into this situation.
  6. FadeToBlack

    No help from the Government with PIP

    Hi All, I don't know why they rejected me. I had help with an occupational therapist from the NHS to fill the form out, and they have ignored the whole thing and completely sided with the consultation lady I spent less than 20 mins with - cherry picking what they wanted to dismiss me and my...
  7. F

    So hurt

    I'm here for my husband 1st most and me and my family..we have been thru a lot past four years. Hardest part is the not knowing..I have no answers as to really what's wrong with my husband. One thing to do know is something is wrong.he just up and started acting real scary . he started acuseing...
  8. B

    Depressed on and off for months now

    It's a really long one! Sorry for my tone in some of those because I'm also angry about a lot of those issues. I don't know where to start because it's a lot. 1. It's Thanksgiving and I'm hating it. My girlfriend died 10 years ago on Thanksgiving Day. I'm lesbian so I never told my family...
  9. D

    Is she Really On Drugs?

    My sister diagnosed with with BPD and she lies, emotionally bullies and begs my mum for money, and obviously my mum gives in. Usually she'll say she needs the money for food or to get a bus back to where ever she's staying. We've suspected she has been using the money for drugs or alcohol but...
  10. D

    Does Tough Love Work?

    My sister apparently has BPD and a drug problem. She is now homeless after being kicked out of a charity homeless shelter, so is not living with a 'friend'. But she has no income so always begs, lies or emotionally bullies my mum for money. How do we get her to change and take responsibility...
  11. D

    What's the solution?

    Apparently my sister has bpd, she's in her mid 30s now and has always caused problems. A couple of years ago she lost her flat because the landlord was selling it, so she ended up sleeping on 'friend's' sofas. She is unemployed and has been for many years, so she emotionally bullies my mum...
  12. R

    My wife.

    I love her. I read through the list of symptoms from the usual sources. 7 out of 10 Says she hears God and angels talking to her Wants me to "transend" to a higher order. Preaches to me about what I need to do to he closer to God. Has delusions of grandeur. Refuses to work in the face of...

    Poverty in the Afterlife by Edward C Randall

    I do wonder how one must behave to be spiritually wealthy. It can be so confusing these days where there is a universal poverty. A simple life, being kind, being thoughtful and not being nasty or a bully is probably good enough. Anyway here is the article: White Crow Books | Features
  14. D

    What To Do?

    Hi all, Hope someone can help. My sister apparently has BPD. She doesn't live at home but in charity housing and is on benefits. For the last 2 years she has been an utter nightmare. She constantly harasses my mum for money and threatens to kill herself if she isn't given it or she makes up...
  15. P

    HELP!! dont know if im in WRAG or support group.

    Hi i got a letter from DWP today after sending away my reconsideration letter asking to be put off the WRAG and back into the support group. the letter says that i have been placed in the work related activity group :( but my money is also going up to what i used to get in the support group and...
  16. A

    Advice for fundraising

    Hey, my son is signing up to go on a 4 week trip with Camps International to Borneo in 2020. He needs to raise over £4000, so is going to be busy fundraising. I would love any advice/ideas about what he could do. Money has to be paid at regular times. We aren't in a position to pay it for...
  17. W

    Feel Myself Slipping Today

    I've been feeling a bit on and off recently. I have a work situation that has made me anxious, which along with a load of other factors have trigger my depression and I can feel myself slipping today. I have been out of work for about 2.5 months now, I'm pretty good at my job, but just can't...
  18. S

    My Friendly messsage to ESA 18+

    So I'm sorry if this brakes any forum rules, but I didn't see anything about swearing...so here goes! FUCK YOU ESA!!! I literally have just lost my child and the same day I get a letter from you saying I owe YOU £100!!!! How? Explain to me how? Oh! Some paperwork or something? Fuck off! I ain't...
  19. I

    I cannot get away from the abusive guy and I just keep suffering

    I was not allowed to sleep on bed. If I tried, he cursed me using the most horrible language, shouting at me with extreme anger and hatred in his eyes. Throwing things that were on bed to me. I had been forced to sleep on the floor for more than three years before I got enough money to pay him...
  20. B

    Cut most people off

    Haven’t been on here in while. Last month, I finally got sick of family and friends. Cut most off. Think it makes things easier for me when the time comes. Still no job. Almost at end of money. No more benefits. So, I ping pong between so what and maybe it’ll work out every 30 min. Meh.