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  1. Liza9560

    Any Other Americans Here?

    Hi, y’all! I love these forums. I love reading your Englishness. I love the support and reassurance I feel from the threads! I’m curious tho...any other Americans around? I live in Texas, and right now, it’s 8:15 pm, Monday night. Across the pond, it must be tomorrow already! :p And anyone...
  2. H


    Psychosis so bad i can't cope much longer. Voices, visual experiences etc. seeing my CPN again on Monday don't no what else to say. finding it hard to post.
  3. I

    Bad Depression and Anxiety

    Hello, This is the first time I have used this forum. I live in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire and have bad mental health symptoms for quite a few years now, which have not been helped by the sudden loss of mother, which came totally out of the blue. I saw my GP on Monday this week as I was...
  4. O

    Struggling a bit

    Hi everyone, I am new to this site. I am looking forward to offering support and hopefully receiving some as well. I've been in recovery for a long time, about 16 years. My children have never seen me sick and I am really grateful for that. I've been struggling on and off with restricting my...
  5. N

    Tai Chi For Anxiety ailments

    Hi Folks, Quite a long time ago, I filed a post, about planning on doing Tai Chi, to aid Anxiety, unfortunately, i just couldn't manage to attend. This time round, phyiscal health wise, I'm very much better, so therefore, on Monday, hopefully, heat, buses, health as well, as long I'll be ok...
  6. Dark Angel710


    Hiya Guys, Can anyone tell me if they went thru withdrawals AND depression at the same time?? And if so how the hell did u get thru it? I'm dying rn, I'm prescribed meds but I don't see the Dr. until Monday. I don't think I can do this till Monday. :cry::cry:
  7. letmein

    scared low not safe

    my paranoia is bad, my mood is dropping really quickly and my thoughts have gone "dark" feeling sorry for myself today but i do feel others have caused it again. I've not been out since monday and still people are getting to me. sorry i need to scream and...
  8. S

    Separation anxiety in adults???

    Hey all so i need some help understanding whats happening to me. I HATE when my kids leave me to go to school. I have a 3rd grader and a kindergardener. My kindergardner has had health issues in the past which has been scary at times. When he is not with me i get very anxious but its almost...
  9. L

    Going through a shit time

    My Auntie passed away on Monday. My new CPN who has just started is on "holiday". Feel like my support worker is against me rather than supporting me. Just gone through something that happened with the police and apparently "theres a huge investigation" (Check out my post under dissociation...
  10. valleygirl

    Depression Getting Worse

    I don't really even know what to say about it. I'm just so low and it's getting worse and worse. I am at the end of spring break, and will be back at my practicum on Monday for another 3 weeks, and then I will have to start looking for a job. I just wish I would die.
  11. D

    New and finally reaching out

    Hi everyone. I'm new here, 38 year old female. Today I had to call in sick to work because I just couldn't muster the strength to get out of bed. This is a first for me. Big problems in my relationship. I've been with this person for 6 years. Granted, I should have been smarter in the past...
  12. shaky

    Signed u fora job - starts Monday

    Tomorrow - Friday I have an induction at 10am - and then on Monday I will start work in a warehouse. :eek: I haven't worked in a warehouse for 32 years. :eek: But I need the money. It is a good time for me to earn some money - do it while I haven't got anything else on the cards - no bookings...
  13. C

    A Monday Morning Hello!

    In keeping with tradition in all social settings, I'll introduce myself as a new user, so hello! I'm Ceebo. I have been interested in, close to and experienced mental health issues for much of my life, so it's an area I care about and am passionate about. I hope I can contribute to the...
  14. N


    Hi everyone. I'm a new member today. Suffering from depression and anxiety. Currently taking citalopram 20mg. Started to feel better but at week 5 feeling bad again is this normal. Would really appreciate some advice thank you
  15. V

    Psychiatrist called up to admit me to hospital

    My psychiatrist just called me, he wanted to have me readmitted to the long stay (usually maximum one year) hospital. Because I've been in and out of the crisis ward and because I was late for my appointment Monday which breaches my CTO. I am trying so hard and he just calls me up like that! So...
  16. W

    thoughts of ending it

    For the last few weeks i have been having self harm battles with my self and am now having strong thoughts of ending life. On monday my mental health guy from an early intervention team was meant to come for a regular visit but he didnt show up. When i asked if he was still coming after him...
  17. Z

    psychiatrist appointment Monday

    So hey guys I'm seeing my psychiatrist at 10am Monday morning. I have a advocate coming with me. She wants me to write things down. I'm trying to get a diagnosis of ptsd. But I have to have it wrote down. I'm not good at asking questions and not good at putting my point forward. So I need to...
  18. Da Cuckoo


    I'm in hospital after ODing on Monday.
  19. fate_w_g

    Having a bad time the last few days

    Until Monday everything seemed to be under control; the moods and the voices. Then Monday morning came and I woke up in the worst mood ever; feeling low and suicidal. Last night the voices came back to haunt me and I did not get a wink of sleep. Tonight seems to be going the same way.
  20. B

    Are there any drug that help with PTSD ?

    Are there any medications that help. I see my doctor monday and just wondered if it's worth asking for something