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  1. N

    I really would need some advice

    Hello to everyone.. My name is nina and im new here... Im in a very complicated relationship and stade of mind at the moment.. I would appreciate it if someone has some advice for me.. It might be a longer story but i want to explain to understand... Im in a very happy relationship since 2...
  2. Azelka


    Hello, I wanted to know if it was normal to feel like there are two parts in my brain which are in permanent contradiction. I mean that when I say something that I believe, I say the opposite that I also believe a moment later.
  3. S

    Confused about hearing voices

    Hello I am new to this site . I have been hearing voices for a few years now , mainly inside my head but the past few months they have been outside my head as if someone is in the room with me .? I am really struggling at the moment as the voices seem to follow me wherever I go, if I’m talking...
  4. F

    First Post - First time admitting self harm

    I am struggling with self harm. In retrospect, I think I have always self harmed, just in a milder, non traditional format. And I have done this because I don't like myself or I want to hurt myself in someway. Now I am 34, almost 35. I have progressed to a more traditional form of self harm...
  5. Maya J

    Having a bit of a moment

    Hi everyone, I have BPD traits (emotional dysregulation, fear of abandonment, paranoia at times etc) and the worst thing is I can be fine one day but not ok at all the next, and moods change in one day. I have rang the GP, hopefully I will get an appointment tomorrow. I'm not happy with my...
  6. N

    Very unsettled - Fluxoetine (For the moment, yes)

    Hi Afternoon, Folks, I have a GP appointment on the 17th for discussion, about finding me a better anti depressant, and one which doesn't cause me as much tiredness and or fatgiue. Following on fr om Saturday, a extremely low aircraft flying past ranging from Saturday until today, a s tatus...
  7. R


    I’m roxie I’ve Just joined the forum I struggle with anxiety and depression, im married and have a nearly 2 yr old but I’m just feeling really alone and struggling at the moment I don’t live near family and literally have 1 friend where I live
  8. S

    Jesus Mania (Is it a God Complex?)

    Trying to figure if the times I've channelled Jesus to the point of certainty, turning tables and that sort of thing. Is it my ego was too big or too small? Was I having a God complex moment like world leaders do all the time, or nearer the humble reckoner wrecking out of justified anger at...
  9. P

    Struggling with Life for 4 years now

    Hi All! Ive been struggling with Life for more than 4 years now! My contract expired at an it company (my first real job im in my twenties right now). And since then im feeling very bad in my guts. Whatever i eat my colon isnt moving. It feels like there is No emotion / excitement in my guts...
  10. P

    How do therapists deal with clients that pace during a session?

    I am really struggling at the moment with my anger and frustration and I feel like I am resisting the therapy. I want to continue and open up but I feel so caged in and I feel I can't escape. I seen a mental health professional from a charity for a chat and I ended up pacing from one side of the...
  11. J

    hi everyone

    hi i want to introduce myself. I am 41 years old and have 4 kids, the youngest just one month old. and I am very lost. the father just left and disappeared. so it is everything all by myself. I suffer a long time under depression and anxiety. and it is not getting easier. everyday I wake up and...
  12. T

    I’ve destroyed the person I was supposed to be

    I used to have a lot of friends, I used to openly talk to people, I used to like going places, I used to feel like I fit in with people and their conversations. Then something happened, something had to have happened and I think I know when it happened but there was no trigger to it. I suddenly...
  13. R

    Waiting for PIP Tribunal

    I called up the Birmingham Tribunal service just to see how long it could be and they said the average time is 34 weeks to get to a tribunal at the moment. Just thought I would let you guys know what they said to me in case your waiting too.
  14. T

    Hello forum users

    I have joined today as am unwell but without people in my life at the moment. Being unwell and also alone is not easy. I hope to give and receive support here.
  15. A


    Urges really bad at the moment. Not sure I can make it through. xxxx
  16. S

    My Wife has depression, I have no idea how to help.

    So my wife has diagnosed here self with post natal depression after the birth of our third child. Its now nearly 3 years on and she has only addressed it with me about 5 months ago. I have been uphappy with the way she goes out drinking (its not alot) but when we have very little time together...
  17. NukaCola

    Mindfulness sessions with my therapist

    Hello , I am currently having therapy for trauma and also depression , my therapist is now working with me on learning "mindfulness techniques" , she tells me to "live in the moment" , for instance this is what she tells me to do when I wake up in the morning. When I make my cup of tea I must...
  18. F

    Help please

    Im on 5mg olanzapine and 20mg of fluoexetine for past 2 weeks. Since starting on the fluoxetine my anxiety has spiked and got much worse. I have health anxiety and last week got an hiv test (negative) and this week i have seen gp 4 times. I am physically well but terrified im ill all the time...
  19. B


    Hi, not sure what to put here really lol. I'm Robert, suffered anxiety and depression most of my life and discovered this website tonight while working nightshift. Going through a crisis period myself at the moment and hopefully I can find some support from people who understand, and with any...
  20. J

    Hi, anyone else spend most of their life crying?

    Just joined today, I have general anxiety disorder that comes and goes and i'm at a really low time at the moment, I know that it will feel a little better in a few weeks but at the moment the tears and panic attacks are relentless and I thought that being able to share might put things into...