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  1. GoghTardis

    I am a science experiment.

    Never mind, what I posted will start some kind of argument. Mods just delete this thread.
  2. Mandy2608

    mods - brilliant

    Just wanted to say thank you to the moderators on this site. I've raised concerns and had a fantastic and speedy response from many. We really are lucky to have this site and the care provided by all. It gives me back my faith in human beings. Thank you x
  3. deadchick07

    how to contact mods

    I need an off board/ pm conversation with a moderator, how do I go about this please?
  4. Lincoln1990

    I need to

    Smoke. I haven't smoked in YEARS when I've been myself. I suspect one of my alters have been smoking and now I need to smoke. I'm very stressed/ If this isn't appropriate, mods, you can delete or edit to your Heart's content. Sorry in advance I'm not promoting smoking...
  5. W

    what the f***?!

    Why didnt my last fucking post not show. It said that it posted successfully but it doesn't show anywhere. Is this just another way the mods are censoring me now?! Reviewing all my posts? Give me fucking answers.
  6. M

    thanks mods

    I just realized I don't belong here. I'm DID and I'm trying to relate to people who have illnesses that are nothing like DID. its not working. There don't seem to be others like me around for me to relate too. And besides, even when someone does come around I don't trust them. I don't talk to...
  7. Gajolene

    Confused and a little dissapointed

    Three days ago I posted a question which is a little contraversial I think and the thread was recieving some good responses. One person took offense to a quote I had made of theirs and a my following disagreement I made of the quote and posted a really nasty offensive reply. The post was removed...
  8. W

    Thank you my friends.

    I just want to say a sincere thank you to all the posters who read my request to the mods and reported it to them so quickly. It means so much to know that support is here day and night and that you guys care enough to care. Many thanks to the mods who acted so very swiftly to put my mind at...
  9. ally41

    Will they section me?

    never mind. mods can remove i don't know how to, thanks.
  10. Fluffymum

    What to do in a crisis

    Thought I'd post this here to as no one seems to look in the 'Services' forum, hope this ok mods http://www.passionatemedia.co.uk/speakingup/2011/01/what-should-you-do-in-a-mental-health-crisis-by-a-psychiatric-nurse.html A very good explanation of the services available and what happens...
  11. L

    That's Not My Name

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxbwEVgF1zo PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CAN YOU SORT THIS OUT FOR ME MODS. Have contacted you directly with request Many thanks and hugs:hi: Tannith