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  1. Z

    Mental health assessment nightmare

    So I just did a mental health assessment online which is meant to be a shortened version of the real one that's used by mental health Workers to assess clients mental health. I got SEVEN OR EIGHT DISORDER results. Seriously?? If that doesn't say seriously fucked up , then what does?? Has anyone...
  2. Anime-Alchemy

    Going to make improvements in physical health

    So i am very unfit and I do not do hardly any exercise at all. This is a contrast to when I was in my teens or even early 20's, where i played football and was reasonably fit. Also in the last 10 years I have put on extra fat. I think that i am just collecting calories and not doing anything to...
  3. B

    New to this and Questions

    I am new to the site. Good to know im not alone. I have a quick question. I did a few online 'self tests' and they all said the same thing. They believe that i have: - Severe Anxiety - Severe Borderline Personality Disorder - Moderate ADHD - Moderate to High Bipolar. How serious are these four...
  4. Trinity11

    Here we go

    Hello All, My name's Trinny and i am looking forward to being a member of this forum. I have been on a few forums previously but tend to join for a couple of months and then leave to give myself a break to do other things. I am currently getting into dancing, music, playing keyboard and...
  5. Poppy2014


    I joined a few days ago on the advice of my MHN. I have quite moderate anxiety and depression which I'm bloody good at hiding, most people see me as a confident person.. oh how I wish. So just wanted to say Hi and thanks for the comments and hugs on some of my posts, they're appreciated.
  6. A

    Recovery timescale

    Hi Has anyone have any experience of combatting moderate depression with just counselling and if so timescale on recovery? Thanks in advance :)
  7. H

    Same sh*t different day

    I have moderate depression, OCD, agoraphobia, PTSD, panic disorder, Generalised anxiety disorder, been this way most of adult life, now aged 48 having lost my job/nursing career, I sit in my house day in day out year in year out, what's the point
  8. J

    Do you think i could be suffering from Bi Polar condition?

    Hello everybody i just wanted to say thank you n advance for reading my post here and any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been a suffer of depressiom and anxiety for many years were now it has taken a great effect on my personal and working life. However over the past number of months...
  9. C

    Wrexham County Borough

    Wrexham and surrounding areas Advance Brighter Futures Advance Brighter Futures Belmont House 3 Belmont Road Wrexham LL13 7PW  01978 364 777 [email protected] Vision: To ensure that no individual experiencing mental health problems ever feels like they are on their own. Mission: To work...
  10. E

    Can someone interpret medical jargon for me?

    I have a diagnosis from a psychiatrist & I don't understand it. He said I've got moderate depressive disorder F32.1 and aspergers syndrome F84.5 - means nothing to me. Personally I would say there's nothing moderate about my depression, but yes I do get out every day to take my dog for walks -...
  11. S

    I am okay but I had had a HUGE relapse today (I am a poly substance abuser).

    I am okay but I had had a HUGE relapse today (I am a poly substance abuser). ** TRIGGER WARNING: Please close this thread if you have any feelings of self harm ** Please note that the following combination is extremely dangerous and would kill most people. Even though, yes I am relatively...
  12. S

    Fed up with keeping it a secret!!

    Hi. Im new here, joined today, hoping someone will help me to understand what is going on. A quick overview: I'm a 59yr old, semi-retired builder. Was physically, emotionally and sexually abused, as well as tortured to the point of impending doom over a 3 yr period between the ages of 18 to...
  13. S

    Forum, what forum

    Moved for inspection? Why not just either delete or moderate comments, why should I waste my time commenting?
  14. loulabelle

    feeling really unstable

    Im not feeling to great. Ive been fluctuating this last week between moderate hypomania and moderate deppresion. This evening im deppressed really really irritable ive just had a massive go at a friend i feel tearful.. On edge my sleep has been a bit off waking up through out the night... I...
  15. aleshadxcherylc

    help just taken a personality test what does this mean?

    Hi all Sorry for another post! i know im annoying! hope you can help ive just taken a persoanlity disorder test online as i found a post from ages ago about saying they had a personality disorder and what they described sounded like me for example getting obessive over people as i have always...
  16. S

    Can one get used to being depressed?

    Hi, I was wondering whether one/I could have got used to being depressed in that sense that even tough it worsens you don't notice is as such. Well, as I am a bit compulsive when it comes to checking my health I run the Goldberg test on a regular basis to check my progress. I'm a bit shocked...