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  1. T

    Losing the will to carry on

    Have gradually been getting worse and worse over the past few weeks, I have lost interest in everything, can't even stay interested in the simplest of things, could use to binge watch a show now struggle to even do that or watch a movie. All I want to do is sleep. Then last night I took an...
  2. Killjoy710

    I'm Not O Fing K

    Last night I attempted suicide hoping to not wake up. How the f can I f that up? Christ I can't even do THAT right. :hankie:
  3. E

    What is your experience and opinion about mixed medication?

    I wonder how many persons on this subforum have found their optimal mixture of medications against mania (inc psychosis) and depression. I myself use lithium, euthyrox, lamotrigine, seroquel and zyprexa, and sometimes a minimal dosis lorazepam. A rather steady effective mix . I have accepted the...
  4. GeordieLad

    Came here a while ago..

    Well, now I'm back! I've officially had it now, I just find myself torturing myself and I really can't take it any more - I just dunno what to do any more - feels like no one cares, I mean, surely people have realised there's something wrong with me but they choose to ignore it :/ am I being...
  5. T


    Loneliness is a catalyst for my true feelings and opinions, when left alone with myself I can properly inspect the way I think and operate to a fine, gruelling detail. Like when you stare at something for so long you begin to see things you couldn't before and that don't necessarily add to...
  6. M

    Piriton + citalopram

    I know Piriton by itself is pretty harmless and as far as citalopram goes that by itself is pretty harmless to - but are they dangerous in combination? I should probably mention I don't want to hurt myself - I just know that a side effect of piriton is drowsyness and citalopram makes me pretty...
  7. Sparklypurplepaws

    been put on a new medication...... queries pine

    Hello, After seeing my pyschartrist yesterday he has added quetiapine and metformin to my medications - I already take sertraline and aripiprazole . Is taking a mixture like this usual? Thanks in advance
  8. B

    Is this normal?

    I'm very excited by lots of things. This seems to have been the last few days especially, mainly in the day time. At night anxiety has been more taking over. But right now I'm just a mixture of excited and impatient.
  9. Hannahbanana

    Vegetarian anti depressants?

    Does anybody know of any ADs which are suitable of vegetarians? Think it's probably time I try medicine alongside CBT, but they never know at the doctors what is and what isn't so want to go with a few suggestions. I found a medical jounsl which listed these: sertraline tablets, venlafaxine...
  10. J

    Electric shocks up my back and arms

    Hello all can anyone help in the medical profession. I had a serious nervous dreakdown just over 2 years ago , At the time my partner was getting me anti depressants (citalopram ) Sleeping tablets for 2 hours sleep a night and cocaine and vodka . With this mixture at the time i was having...