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  1. A

    Mixed episode?

    I'm just reaching out to everybody. I'm also curious if anybody's ever had depression and anxiety the same time? I'm wondering if it's a mixed episode. I feel all this anxiety and depression at the same time. It's really hard to describe. I'm not angry or anything I feel kind of depressed having...
  2. R

    Missing the highs

    Hello, I was diagnosed in 2003 with bipolar and have been on a lot of meds, quit meds for 2 years with help from psychiatrist. Been back on meds about 1 year (olanzapine,clonazepam and ativan), I still get mixed episodes and the lows but no euphoria, I forget what it feels like on meds, are my...
  3. C

    Recurrent Depressive Disorder/ possible bipolar

    I have been diagnosed mixed affective disorder but am presently reccurrent depressive disorder. Bipolar has been mentioned. I am also a recovering alcoholic. Not had a drink for near three years. Looking to hear about people's experiences. At the moment my mood seems quite mixed. i take...
  4. Ender

    Do you ever get mixed states?

    Do you ever get mixed states, like when you experience both depressive and manic symptoms at the same time? I get this way often. I'll be restless and hyperactive, with a very short attention span, but in the same day I'll have really low moods and feel hopeless. It's frustrating because I feel...
  5. K

    Depression With the Mixed race Community

    Context White Mum Black Dad Does race or Race Mixing have a effect on ones emotional being. My Dad a strict pride man very distanced (Typical West Indian) liked gambling women and the fashion. Looking back now I don't think hes was a good Dad . He was never a role model could see from a young...
  6. vanish

    Mixed episode and paranoia

    So apparently, it's been brought to my attention by my family and friends, that I am experiencing a 'mixed episode'. I've had hypomania and depression at the same time. What has been irking me is I'm becoming more distant and distrustful of friends. I keep thinking they are being mean to me on...
  7. Danniegirl1990

    I can't tell where I am

    I've been a bit all over the place for at least a week. My sleep is really disturbed, I feel low but get bursts of hyperactivity. I've been highly concentrating on coursework. I've been getting intrusive thoughts too. Night times are the worse with the voices. Am I in a mixed episode? I 've had...
  8. S

    Leaving services

    My care co ordinator told me that they are going to get rid of me that they can't help me anymore feel really scared numb confused lost muddled mixed up im going to miss her can't stop crying really want to hurt me
  9. J

    John Ross

    What is the best medication for anxious avoidant personality disorder, complex PTSD with hypervigilance and mixed anxiety and depressive disorder? Thanks.
  10. MariaJ

    Schizoaffective disorder, mixed type

    Hi! I would like to hear from someone who has had a similar experience to mine. I'm really confused and need some guidance. I have been recently diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, mixed type. For years I had been treated for a mild depression and mild anxiety disorder by my mother -...
  11. G

    I have to die

    Hi. I have held out for one month now but I can't anymore. The crisis team are doing my head in, giving me mixed messages. Tomorrow will be my day. I cannot hold out any longer. It's too much too deal with. Had enough. Just had enough now :-(
  12. SarahD

    Advice / help for mixed episode

    Please share any advice or tips on dealing with severe mixed episode. Thanks. (Oh, that is without drugs.)
  13. SarahD

    How to cope with mixed episode

    Anyone have any advice on how to cope with severe mixed episode (without drugs) please.
  14. Anime-Alchemy

    What time do you usually wake up and go to sleep?

    For me the last two days or so i've been going to sleep around 11:30pm and later. I don't know i'll just say it's mixed in regards to going to sleep but it's definitely been later than 10pm. As for waking up, I would say it's mixed also lately? I would like some routine though, so it would be...
  15. D

    Will nhs accept private diagnosis?

    Hi there. My husband had been diagnosed on the NHS with depression and anxiety but after trying lots of anti-depressants that sent him "crazy" he refused to take anymore. And to me it appeared he was showing signs of bipolar. After self harming I asked the dr to refer him to a psychiatrist...
  16. RainbowHeartz

    Anxiety mixed with paranoia

    Have real bad anxiety and paranoia, think everyone finds me annoying and doesnt like me much at all
  17. loulabelle

    crashing from high

    Ive been hypomanic for about 3 weeks, but im coming down now, ive spent the last 3 days in bed remembering all the stupid stuff ive done all the money ive spent and im now overdrawn the countless times ive had unprotected sex and done nothing about it so theres every possibility that i may be...
  18. prairiechick

    Taking my cats to the humane society

    This is the only time that I can do it because I am off work for spring break. I'm waiting for my friend to come and pick me up, and the cats are soooooooooo unhappy in the pet carrier. I can't take my cats with me when I move to BC, and I have mixed feelings about giving my cats away, not...
  19. E

    Cannot really be myself around CPN... what I need to say never comes out

    Cannot really be myself around CPN... what I need to say never comes out Hi, I just don't see the point in having a CPN anymore, I struggle to understand myself and not even the best psychologist would be able to work me out because I am so mixed up and complex. I half feel that they don't...
  20. loulabelle

    Mixed state Again :'(

    Im in a mixed state again. I did call my CPN like i was advised to and it was good advice thank you. Shes gonna see me on monday and on wedneday if needed and on friday im gonna see my pdoc, said to contact OOH this weekend if needed and they will Refere to crisis team. I only just managed to...