1. C

    Request for help

    I have been on Escitalopram 20mg,Pregalbin 150mg,Clonazepam drops(3 drops at night) and Mitrazapine 30mg.I was feeling better for 6 months.from past few weeks I could see my old symptoms reoccurring. My doctor tried to Diluxotine 20mg ,Flueoxtine though nothing was suited for me. I am facing...
  2. C

    Coming off mitrazapine

    I’ve been taking Prozac for approx. 6 months, it has really helped with my depression but caused horrible anxiety-my doctor prescribed mitrazapine additionally, which has helped, but caused me to gain 17kg in 3 months :( My doctor has suggested I stop the mitrazapine, and instead double my...
  3. Zentangle

    Venlafaxine(Effexor)buspirone withdrawal

    As from my previous posts my eyes have been bad. Blurd vision and couldn't focus. Plus other side effects. Spoke to ophthalmologist and gp and neither acknowledged that there was anything wrong so I did my homework and worked it out to be the venlafaxine. It's a severe side effect. So see my...