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  1. N

    What do you do when nothing excites or interests you anymore?

    II no longer have the desire to travel, graduate, move on with life. Nothing excites me at all. Throughout the day now i just think about how peaceful it will be when i finally get to die. I'd really like to die as soon as possible. There's nothing keeping me alive anymore. I don't get along...
  2. N

    feeling lost and inadequate

    So I've been pretty lost since my mum died last June, I admit I've not been on top of house work shopping or anything, it's not bad just sometimes I just can't get up.my boyfriend was supportive for a while but last few months he drinks a lot starts a lot of fights and when he's drunk always...
  3. D

    New to Forum Bpd, anxiety, depression and panic sufferer

    Hi. Just introducing myself.I'm 42 and after years of suffering from the age of 4 with the above have been diagnosed with Bpd from childhood trauma. Have joined to chat, get and offer help and advice with mental health. Have been meaning to for a while and after a pretty miserable Xmas...
  4. WinslowBobafet

    I’m a DID loser!!

    I’m so fucked in the head, I have DID and schizoaffective and I’m going mad I’m so miserable I need someone to talk to I need people I hate myself ughhhhhh
  5. L

    Maybe it's just time to own the depression.

    Hey Good folk of "Mental health Forum". I will more than likely break about every rule there is on here in my first post. I am no stranger to forums. Some of you might have seen me about. I keep the same name where ever I travel. I have a dog called "Cat", or "Kitty" when we are out and...
  6. R


    Hi. I've just registered. I'm not diagnosed with any sort of depression. I've only ever been to a psychologist as a kid after one of my close family members died. I'm 24, supposed to finish university, but I am always down and unmotivated, and it got to a point where I can not feel happy any...
  7. jojo94

    Feeling alone.

    Hope it's okay to reach out on here...I feel so alone and miserable :(
  8. S

    hi guys

    umm hello... this last year has been really hard for me since i gave birth to my son... im only 19 and i dont have very much help with anything at all and never have but lately i have been really struggling and i feel extremely sad i have trouble sleeping i have started eating so much more and...
  9. A

    I'm doing well, I'm where I want to be but I'm still so miserable

    I've suffered depression chronically, I started to feel more inspired and a little happier. I got into college after working for 4 years in places that I hated so it was the extremely exciting that I had gotten a place because It's the one thing I'm most passionate about. It made me happy, gave...
  10. H

    I don’t know what to do

    Please help. A couple of years ago I suffered major depression, anxiety and psychosis (hearing voices and seeing a man everywhere I went) diagnosed with personality disorder. Attempted suicide twice and regular self harm. Have been okay since until about a month ago. The voices are back...
  11. Fairy Lucretia

    i just want to die

    i swear to god it is all i want im barely scared of death anymore and the ONLY THING stopping me is not being able to find a full proof way of doing it im empty lost and miserable ,nothing will ever make me feel better ,i have been this way since 11 i haven't had a life and i just want it over...

    Pain and pleasure.

    They are so miserable, but I am smiling. The pain turns into pleasure. Pain and pleasure - Wikipedia
  13. P

    Am I depressed?

    Sorry for posting this, I bet you get this alot, but I feel confused and just don't know what to do. I'm a 28 year old male. I've always been a very emotional person for as long as I can remember, but 6 months ago I was taking a cocktail of painkillers and suddenly stopped, what followed was...
  14. nickybow86

    Sick and tired of always being sick and tired

    I'm doing good at the moment on my higher doze of Prozac *(40mg) and nearly feel human and able to function again but that doesn't stop me over thinking.. it freaks me out to know that it just them 2 little pills keeping me sane. If I stop them will I fall back into deep depression? Part of me...
  15. S

    Suddenly depressed

    Hi, I've recently become more and more depressed...tonight I've cried and cried...I'm normally a happy annoyingly smiley person..but last couple of months I seem to suddenly plunge into desperate depressions..crying almost daily at slightest thing..which makes my partner angry...and then me...
  16. V

    Great, I've been diagnosed with Crohns

    Am I ever going to have a simple life? If it's not one thing, it's another. I was grateful that my anxiety had calmed a bit even though my depression has escalated. Now I just feel awful. My confidence is literally in the bin. Sorry for the rant. I just feel like when I can express it on here...
  17. V

    So lethargic...

    So, I'm due in work in 2 hours and I can't shake off this tiredness & feeling so lethargic. Any help here? Taken my tablet but that only makes me feel even more tired. I'm on a late tonight & then back in at 6am tomorrow. Roll on half 2 tomorrow when I finish.
  18. Y

    I can't go on anymore

    When does it get easier? I can't do this anymore it's absolutely killing me. These feelings have got me thinking they're to do with my boyfriend and my relationship but I know they're not it's this awful shit I'm feeling that's the problem. He's going to get sick of me moaning and crying...
  19. B

    New here, could use some advice

    Hi everyone, First I would like to say that I have a newfound level of respect for people that suffer with chronic anxiety. I have been suffering since this past summer (from anxiety) although I always had acute depression that I took medication for for a couple years. I was in a prolonged...
  20. I

    Just not liking life right now

    This is just a whine post. I was diagnosed 20 years ago exactly. I've been relatively stable on medicine for some time, I could feel when things were just starting to edge towards instability and I would get medical help to get back to center. I lost my insurance in June and didn't have...