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  1. A

    feeling worthless and not good enough

    i'm in my 20s and don't have a job because of my anxiety. i really feel guilty about not being able to help pay bills and it sucks i can't afford therapy. recently someone told me i don't have ambitions and i'm not doing anything with my life and it really hurt my feelings because i thought they...
  2. dubblemonkey

    it's a bit to bad

    I wish I understood myself... better than I mis-understood others it's better for me to go... goodbye https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fPf6L0XNvM
  3. dubblemonkey

    gratitude for life

    ...and mis-understood death and life! I cannot be grateful for death!... ...while I am alive....and yet my suicidal behaviour needs some recognition... I expect so! ...and yet? ...there are many moments and even more many imaginations.... to prove that my feelings are awkward and ok...
  4. dubblemonkey

    my bipolar kills me to the point that i must trust it

    ...there are too many ways that hurt me... and even more ways that hurt what I try to do... I am too many mis-understood ways... please forgive me....I adore you!
  5. dubblemonkey

    a grip on bipolar

    ...it's easy and best for me to submit to this nightmare illness... there are mis-understood places for me to hang about... I live inside a desperate dis-comfort
  6. dubblemonkey

    I read and I suk!...but I keep reading...

    pain has everything itself dysfunctional... to find comfort! to find comfort ..that's all pain wants! ...and a perhaps functional solitude is a miracle and everyone can die in my shadow where I already passed away there is no finality when what's final is mis-understood I am terrible mental...