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  1. L

    Intense depression keeps coming on in waves during relapse

    I just need some support and reassurance...2 years ago I suffered a major breakdown and fell into a stubborn agitated depression. I've spent the last 2 years recovering and I did a pretty good job, but a week ago i relapsed triggered after having my wisdom teeth out. It tore apart my routine and...
  2. A

    Hi I’m new to the forum.

    Hi all. I’m new to the forum. I have OCD (touching and counting), I have low mood, anxiety, depression and paranoia. I am currently on iapt waiting list for therapy and into waiting week 4. I’m really struggling at the minute and I hate to say it but my relationship is taking a hard hit to at...
  3. A

    40something, on the computer EVERY waking minute (what is wrong)?

    I am in my 40's, married, female, with two young children. I don't know why but I am on my phone or laptop EVERY SINGLE minute I am awake (other than when I shower for example). I'm happy with my life but need to stop this addiction. I have sought counselling but it doesn't work, and I have...
  4. couragehope


    I just wanted to take a minute to say HI. New here and am looking for the support that seems to be available.
  5. D

    I can't sleep at all

    I'm unable to sleep no matter what I do.. my doctor gave me melonia 2mg for sleep and i take it at about 10:30 PM. I keep tossing and turning on bed all night but i won't sleep for a fucking minute. I'm having stomach issues too (Not getting hungry at all and when i eat something, i feel...
  6. L

    Lamest Intro Ever

    I dunno what to say really. I've been dealing with mental health issues for over half my life now (I'm only 26). Some really stupid, irrelevant, minute bs happened tonight and for some reason it really triggered me. So here I am.
  7. A

    My moods are out of control

    I constantly switch my views of people and I will be accused of being a bitch because I can feel as if I can't trust someone one minute and the next I'm lovely to them. I also feel as if I either feel all good or all bad, for example I can sometimes feel as if I love everyone and the need to be...
  8. K

    A poem

    Today I've had a particularly bad day. I'm in the middle of a severe depressive episode. I've just found a sudden urge tonight having retreated to bed about three hours early as I couldn't cope with the day anymore, to try to write some sort of poem about how I feel. I've called it Be. Be...
  9. S

    lost myself .. grief and depression

    so i have been in floods of tears because i feel like i am not here and i feel i have lost myself .. so i started crying my eye's out like a baby , pain is all i felt , pain is all i feel sometimes .. if i'm not here then where am i , if i feel like i've lost myself it can be painful .. who else...
  10. N

    Can someone give me a clue please?

    I realise I have been depressed since a young child. The results of being exposed to alcoholic abuse, and both physical and verbal by my mother. A long line of failed relationships followed by 15 years of marriage to a Sociapath. Now totally isolated. I cry to quickly, I know my thinking is...
  11. Ramius

    Greetings New Friends! (hopefully)

    Hi All, I'm Tom, 30 from Sheffield. I guess the best place to start is that I suffer from endogenous depression and going through one of the troughs at the minute, so was inspired to seek people out on here. I work full time as an estimator, step son and daughter, plus a daughter of my own...
  12. 2


    Evening all I have joined up her to talk about my personal situation with depression. I'm really struggling at the minute, finding it hard to get through the day.
  13. G

    Do something with my life

    Does none feel the same as me that you are living a pointless existence? I wanna do something txt takes the ultimate balls to do and if I die then I die. Would love to join the fight against Isis I have a very close friend who fought with the ypg in Iraq and Syria for 3 tours so I have all the...
  14. G

    I'm back

    Hi everyone long time no speak , I'm back again I really missed this place , going through a break up at the minute so things are rough but I'm here if anyone needs to chat or anything :)
  15. F

    Does anyone actually no who they really are?

    Just a thought...maybe us people with "BPD" are the "normal" ones. Does anyone know who the fuck they are really.... like deep down???....I mean people fuck us up from the minute we are born unitentially and intentionally. We all end up broken right?
  16. Sparklypurplepaws

    up and down up and down

    Well as the titles says, I'm just up and down from minute to minute. I certainly wouldn't say I'm high and low - more like low or really low. Does that make any sense? Generally my mood is low, even on meds and good days I'd still say I have a low mood. But at the moment I'm going from being in...
  17. M


    I have been on mirtazapine for about 1.5 years and have gained 3 stones so I am coming off. And replacing with fluoxetine and zopiclone for sleep. Has anyone got any info about these new tabs? I'm really suffering at the minute because I've reduced my mg from 45 to 15 with no other tablets. My...
  18. tigerfish


    I need a safe place to be able to let out some of these horrible emotions, I just want to scream and cry until it's all gone from inside me!! Not that I think it would ever be possible to let it go completely without actually going insane! I really need someone to hold me while I break down...
  19. S


    Does anyone else feel that anxiety is the worst part of depression? I feel anxious all the time at the moment - every minute I am awake. StressBunny:
  20. W

    Recovery Stories?

    I'm having such a difficult time at the moment; it's a struggle to get through every minute. Please, can anyone tell me that it does get better? Any stories from anyone who considers themselves in recovery? Please