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  1. Mark_01

    Inside or Outside

    Do your voices come from inside your head, or outside of your head? Mine come from the outside.
  2. R

    Are your voices ghosts

    Dose anyone else here think that their voices are paranormal, mine are.
  3. Fairy Lucretia

    something horrible happened

    i know i was staying away but i need support so bad my aunt had my debit card and payed some money into my account she didn't know but someone stole it i only knew as i saw loads of transactions online that were not mine am online to halifax fraud right now why are people so mean? :low: x
  4. AliceinWonderland

    17 Mental Health Symptoms That Stem From Complex Trauma

    17 Mental Health Symptoms That Stem From Complex Trauma | The Mighty I thought this was a very helpful article, I could relate to a lot of the 'symptoms' people describe. Especially no. 2 shame, no. 13 difficulty allowing myself happiness and putting others' interests before mine to an...
  5. L

    Hello from Germany

    Hello everyone! May I introduce myself? I am Lorellin and I live in Germany. I am 30-years-old and study English and German at the university. I have always been a very empathic person but my "condition" got worse after good friends of mine accused me of disloyalty because I started to date a...
  6. P

    Thinking songs are about you and has messages for you

    When i was delusional and listened to music, i thought they were about me and there were secret messages. Now that doesnt happen anymore bc not delusional due to meds working. Did any of you guys experience the same thing? Also, off topic, whos your fave artists and bands? Mine, red hot chilli...
  7. W

    You guys are heroes...

    Seriously, I have been living in fear and depression for the last 4 months. My situation is really fucked up but I can still find a moment in my day and think all those people that may experiencing way worse situations than mine. Really, my respect to all of you people. Its so strange but it...
  8. Lyotto1

    What are you most insecure about?

    If i see some serious answers i will put mine under.
  9. K

    Lonely and stuck at home all the time anyone else?

    Hi I'm a 26 year old woman I live in the uk and I'm engaged, my oh works and doesn't have any anxiety (which I like couldn't cope with a partner having it lol) my anxiety and panic disorder started about a year after I met him, he's lovley not a bad thing to say about him. It's just I used to...
  10. G

    phobia, ocd, anxiety -- i've had it

    Hi, everyone. I hope you all are in good mood and healthy always. I'm glad to find this forum where i can talk with people who have(or had) the same problems as mine. It will be good too if i can have some friends here, so please don't hesitate to message me. :):)
  11. A

    How do I delete a forum?

    I don't know if this is right place to post. But how I delete a forum that's mine?
  12. N

    What song describes your current mood?

    If you were to put some headphones on and blast a tune into your noggin, what would it be and why? Mine? Lay my body down. Rag n bone man. Why? Self explanatory.
  13. H

    Needs help

    Hey. I registered in an attempt to gain advises from people who are knowledgeable or have the same experiences as mine. Hope you can help me. :)
  14. Mr.NiceGuy

    Is telepathy possible?

    imagine you have a bunch of friends around that are only concerned with your interests and thoughts. They only want to talk about what you have to think. They don't bring up anything unless it relates to you. but you asked why you can't do it back to them and criticize their thoughts. however...
  15. blurrypeach

    Am I the only one who dissociates when...

    ...something reminds me I dissociate? Not every single time but, pretty often. A week ago I was describing what depersonalization is to my friend and my head felt weird. That's a sure sign I'm dissociating. Then I looked at my hands and thought "...these... are not mine???" and yeah, you know...
  16. K

    To the Psy Society.

    Sup.. This goes to those who believe they have some form of telepathic/psychic ability. 1. Have you ever had a conversation with somebody about hearing each other through telepathy. Face to Face. 2. Why do you personally believe it isn't tech, as in synthetic telepathy or something of that...
  17. K

    Telling family about how I'm feeling

    Hi, I think I might have depression and have read everywhere that it is good to tell your family how your feeling but I don't know how, and I think they may judge me. They think I'm doing absolutely fine which just makes me bottle things up even more. Also I think some of my depression comes...
  18. P

    Sweet cold healing.

    Sweet Cold Healing - Revenge IS Sweet - YouTube Your revenge is quickly approaching michael. So is mine. You are right, it's going to be fuckin sweet.
  19. H

    I hear a voice in my mind.

    I think it's mine. I think I hear a voice, therefore it has to be mine. Once in a while I hear my name, but it sounds distant. When I think a voice which sounds like mine and talks, it repeats the same words I speak one in my mind and one from my mouth. I had a accident and fell on my head, ever...
  20. H

    What is your favorite quote?

    Here is mine: "You can be greater than anything that can happen to you"