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  1. M

    A voice from space?

    When the alien like voice talks to me it shows it’s self as a image in my mind as it converses with me so while it talks it shows human like body and facial expressions while it moves it’s mouth as it talks to me. While it asks me questions it will show me examples of what it’s asking me about...
  2. A

    Anyone ever think they can hear peoples thoughts?

    Hey, I have schizophrenia. At a time before I was diagnosed, I used to lay down, and I'd be really h*rny, so I would try to talk to people around my development, through my mind. .. And its one of those things like the more imaginative you are and want it to work the more it works. I thought...
  3. M


    Is it normal to live your whole life thru a shadow of imagination? I mean all the time in my life I am imagining things like I get lost in my own little world a lot. When I am speaking with someone there is always a second conversation going on in my head or after I stop speaking with someone...
  4. R

    pretty sure i have DID

    hi. i've been fairly certain i have did since 2013 or so. on and off, i will occasionally "forget" about this; i'll ignore all my symptoms and go on trying to live a singular life. i guess i suppress it or something, or maybe something just takes the memories away for a time. but then i remember...
  5. A

    Life is hard enough

    Hello everyone, I am pretty much in dire straits and an online forum is the ONLY thing that I haven’t tried. Before I begin I will tell you that I have my first NHS psychotherapist appointment next week and speak to my GP regularly. About me; I am 32 years old, male, fit, great job, fabulous...
  6. B

    My brain wont listen to me...

    Anyone else daydream of revenge so much it took your life over..? Everytime I have a less than positive interaction with someone, my brain kills them in my mind over and over... Its maddening... I dont feel violent, never been violent, and dont want these thoughts. They overwhelm me, building...
  7. S


    Im battling my own mind can anyone relate? Could do with somone to talk to
  8. E


    I'm new here and thought to shortly introduce myself. I've never done an introduction based on my mental health history, so feels a bit weird... ::confused: So... I'm 39 and a burnout-survivor, with a bunch of other mental health problems that have surfaced after that, being dormant through my...
  9. R

    Terrified if I'm attracted to my mother, or if it's just OCD

    I'm taking this medication (MAOI) called Nardil which affects your libido. It's been hard to masturbate. I've had urges, but I can't release. Sometimes I'm at my computer for 5 hours. This morning, I had another session which lasted 3 hours. At the end, I started thinking of my mother when she...
  10. Funnyday


    I sometimes get flashbacks of traumatic events. I know what the triggers are. However, I sometimes get taken by surprise. This can be in any place. At home or out and about. When this happens it takes over my mind and leaves me unable to continue. I should of put this in my ESA50 form that I...
  11. H

    Voices question

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum, I'm looking to gain some knowledge about my condition and share my experiences with others. The main thing that has literally been on my mind for a long time now is the hearing voices thing. I had a psychotic episode around 15 years ago, never heard voices...
  12. W

    Prescriptions to you

    They send my mental health medication aripiprazole in the post now. If I'm not in the postman will leave it in my shed. I wouldn't mind but the drug makes you have suicidal thoughts!
  13. unspoken-words

    Beware of that word "Validation"

    Hello, Good morning it is Sunday and I wish you all well. I enjoy reading on a daily basis other peoples experiences and often while browsing the MH forums i here this particular word expressed by fellow mental health sufferers, that word is "VALIDATED" or "VALIDATION" and the need by that...
  14. FadeToBlack

    Being treated differently because of you label

    Does any else feel the undertones of condescension from others who know you have a mental illness? I find this a lot, but I am interested to know if this is experienced more widely? Health professionals I have found are the worst. They read your mental health history, and form an understanding...
  15. E

    Crippled with anxiety while trying to make a normal living for my fami

    Hello there, im 23 years old, i will try to make a story shorter here about my current struggles. I come from a relativly financialy ustable country and last year i decided to move to another country with more stable economy in order to try and make a better living for me and my girlfriend and...
  16. L

    Messy mind!!

    Hello, I’m new to this sight and in fact all sights relating to BPD. I have recently been diagnosed with EUPD/BPD after 7 years of being diagnosed with depression/anxiety/cycliathemia. Inevitably, it took a lot of sinking in and I was kind of happy to have an answer to why I am the way I am...
  17. Anime-Alchemy

    Connections - long term goal - working - lying.

    Had another appointment with connections and the lady (my support worker?) filled out a form to mind housing or mind, i guess mind housing. There was a section about goals? And firstly it was put down about working towards getting back to work eventually or a sort of long term goal? i don't know...
  18. J

    Health anxiety

    Hi First time post. For half my life, I have suffered bowel problems which have led to numerous operations, some quite invasive and some with significant complications. The initial problems have settled down over the last few years but I have been left with other problems due to the amount of...
  19. S

    Trauma based mind control, has this happened to any one else

    Before world wide mind control on behaviour, trauma based mind control was used in schools, it happened to me, after just reading about it, I came to that conclusion, mine was a special school, unfortunately the psychologist would of known about my birth and I was used for reasearch to come up...
  20. C

    Hello I'm new here

    Hello I have just registered with the site I have suffered with anxiety and panic disorder for 35 years have tried every therapy under the sun. I'm also agoraphobic and next week I have to travel to a hospital over an hour from my home for a procedure that must be done, I've got to get there and...