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  1. B

    Help determining whether I actually have depression or not...

    Hi all, I would love your help, this is my first time posting and I'm having a really hard time not knowing how I'm feeling in general. I've recently been on holiday and came back feeling so much happier, confident and just more comfortable within myself, and within a week later, I'm...
  2. W


    Hey guys, I am very clingy with a mate off mine, I have just spent a whole week with him last week. I can call him up to 10 Times a day, he says he understands my mental health issues and last night we had a good chat about it. He lives miles from me, so we don’t see each other often, he’s got...
  3. shaky

    MH crisis on TV

    A good example in this episode of 'Ambulance' or someone having a mental health crisis, and how the MH nurse deals with the situation. Then later in the programme we see the same man when he has calmed down - he chats about his music and seems alright - but he isn't alright. He is admitted to...
  4. boudreauj4

    What exercise do you do?

    I go on walks in the spring summer, and fall but I don't get much exercise in the winter except from shoveling snow from the driveway. Well, my son works at a nature center where they rent out cross country skis and snowshoes for free and he encouraged me to participate in a 5k race yesterday...
  5. G

    Mixed state?

    Hi, I was given a provisional diagnosis on Friday after a second appt with a Psychiatrist after a Manic episode the preceding week. He has now put me on Apriprazole. I am a little bit worried as do not know an awful lot about Bipolar as i have always thought my "crazy ways" were just that and i...
  6. cpuusage

    Why social workers are marching 100 miles in protest against austerity

    Why social workers are marching 100 miles in protest against austerity | Social Care Network | The Guardian
  7. B


    Exercise, i keep hearing its good for depression so I'm having another go. tried before (cycling) but I'm so unfit and live in a hilly area i gave up. i had a big birthday recently so put the money i got towards an electric assisted bike. went out on sat and sun, dint go far about 3 miles. but...
  8. N

    One week healthy eating. I've got so much energy.

    I'm on week in my healthy eating / exercise regime. I've only consumed bottled water and green tea with honey. No fizzy caffeinated pop. I've eaten healthy. Nuts, loads of fruit and vegetables, greek yogurt. And I've been walking 5 miles a day at a fast pace and today for the first time I feel...
  9. M

    really aware

    Is anybody else like really aware when they are walking down the street - like I analyse everything - I'm aware of people walking towards me - sometimes I feel like I'm going in slow motion because I take everything in - I can see people in the distance and I adjust like my movement etc miles...
  10. The Big Dawg

    Again with a yawn and zzzzzz

    So here I am on the dirt road not getting nowhere and I'm just thinking that maybe my fate has already been sealed and that dirt road I'm on ain't gonna get me nowhere because there is 4000 miles of ocean in between maybe thats the reason because I sure ain't gonna find my woman here thats clear
  11. A

    my depression

    I'm honestly not sure what to say or type. Hell, I'm not even sure what to think anymore. My names andy and I'm depressed. I am 22 years old. I dont have a job anymore. I dont have any friends. I dont know anyone in town. I havent seen friends in perhaps a year or so. I miss my family, I havent...
  12. lostgirl19

    Do I move away?

    I feel like I just want to run away. People have upset me and I feel like I have nothing to stay here for. I know it's a big step to move miles away. I am considering it and I just don't want to make the wrong decision :(
  13. C

    Marital Issues

    Whew! I was beginning to think that I was the only one afraid to be found out on here. My marriage is in shambles and only wanted a couple of close friends to know about it. It is a little spooky to think that the word might get around. I sometimes wonder if getting out more often (just a few...
  14. D

    the power of exersize

    lately everyday I get up and walk miles and miles with my dog its nice sunny weather at the moment and it has really helped me feel more positive. I take a drink sit in the woods and watch Bernard my dog. ive vowed never to stay inside if its a nice day again.
  15. Lincoln1990


    Today is a sad day. I don't even know why I'm upset. I'm listening to one of my favourite artists. Trying to get my mind off of things. Mind going million miles around.
  16. C

    One week ago

    I got into my car - took my dog (she's better off without me - most beings are). I headed for the hills - could not take the pressure any more. Family were arriving - too much for me, now. I got about 30 miles from 'home' - thought 'shit' - I can't do this - they need me. I called my ex...
  17. Mark_01

    I Hate

    Been in a hateful ugly mood all day. Couldn't sleep. Can't wrap my mind around a single thought. Exhausted. Nothing works, shoving doesn't help. Violently shoved my neighbors cat that I am feeding because he wouldn't get out of the way. Was lucky I didn't hurt my little love because she was...
  18. C

    Stressed about apprenticeship/work! Please help....

    Hello everyone, I've never done anything like this before and I'm a first timer. I feel like I've always had some sort of anxiety, considering I was scared to go to school when I was young (although I was not bullied or anything like that). But I've found I'm running into the same issue while...
  19. C

    Binge problems

    Here's my problem. I'm trying to lose weight. But of course being the size I am, I'm a binge eater. All I ate as a kid was crap. All there really was. I workout 6+ hours a day with biking/walking/circuit training/strength training. I walk an average 50 miles a week, and bike an average 350...
  20. tigerfish

    Im a bit scared!

    Going away for 5 days, next week with a good friend! just to get away from the normal, everyday struggles, but i've recently been debating s/h and OD! It sounds daft but im worried that i may s/h while im away! I don't want to ruin it though!! It wouldn't be fair!! It's under control at the...