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  1. F

    CBT info needed, please advise, I would like to do CBT.

    Hi I have posted this request elsewhere on this forum, but I thought I would post here too. Please could anyone tell me about CBT, I need to unlearn some anxiety. I have unlearned anxiety before, but not with modern methods, or a modern version of methods. Can I do CBT online, or with a...
  2. mischief

    **Please read before you post in the self harm forum**

    Hi, Welcome to the Self Harm Forum. Please read this before posting, especially if you are new to the forum. An important part of the Mental Health Forum's reason for existence is to allow people to share their own stories which will in many, indeed possibly all cases, be upsetting. We...
  3. F

    What methods do you use, or have been used, to repel someone's negative energy?

    What methods do you use, or have been used, to repel someone's negative energy? I am interested to know what methods anyone uses or what methods have been used to repel someone's negative energy? And if the negative energy has only been detected after it has been soaked up, how has it been...
  4. Not_Crazy_Yet

    I hate myself for hating myself.

    I've been having a lot of negative thoughts lately and i just wish i could stop thinking them. Im close to SH and have been fantasizing about various methods as you do. I thought i had recovered beyond harmful actions. FML
  5. A

    Not Sure What’s Up with Me: TW list of symptoms

    TW: List of varying self harm and self destructive behaviors Hi everyone. I’m brand new and I’ve read the rules and guidelines but if I say something that is irrelevant to this thread, please let me know so I can do better next time I post. I can’t find a thread for general things, and this is...
  6. A

    New New New!!

    Hi, you can call me Agwith. I’m from the US and I have a 10 month old black cat named Emily, she’s my rock. I’m a hairstylist, and I’m here because I’d like to find out more about some issues I have and how others deal with the same issues. I can’t afford to get help so I’d like to see how other...
  7. Zardos

    Lonely And Paranoid

    I'm on my own now.... Nobody will help me............ i think its time to start Googleing suicide methods :cry:
  8. A

    Thoughts of suicide and self harm

    Hi, I have struggled with thoughts of suicide and self harm for a while. I feel that I have recently made some progress in the sense that I am now able to separate these thoughts. I often have thoughts that I want to harm myself or kill myself but without any thoughts of how I would do it...
  9. A

    Keeping Consistency

    Has anyone here had success with methods to keep moods stable? I'm open to any ideas regardless of how effective they've been, so please don't be hesitant to post anything 'doubtful,' so to speak. I would, however, refrain from the suggestion of medications. I've had horrible failures in that...
  10. T

    What worked for you??

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and looking to try kick this stupid 'habit' but it's the only thing that keeps me sane. My self harming started off very small at the start as I was not used to the pain but as times gone on my methods have got more sever and I've seen several mental health...
  11. I

    how have you survived?

    Just as the title say's really. I lost my strength after a psychosis induced grand mal seizure a few years ago. Since then ive done nothing but be a burden to those around me. I look back in utter amazement at how long I lasted,the places I went to (war),the things I did (drugs,rich,bankrupt n...
  12. E

    Suicidal ideation **caution may trigger**

    I've been going through all the meds I've been prescribed over the last 3 years, it should be enough to OD, my only concern is that I'll either pass out before I can ingest enough or throw it all up. The quickest most certain methods I either don't have access to, or am too scared to try...
  13. O

    Depression and comfort eating

    Hi everyone Unfortunately my vice for dealing with depression and anxiety is comfort eating, living in a rural area it is far too easy to just chomp on a chocolate bar than to go and get the social interaction I need to cheer up. Do any of you have any methods of stopping comfort eating...
  14. P

    hear voices almost 3 years

    I have heard voices (external, not internal) calling my name for almost three years. I believe they are demonic. I was abused as a child in all ways by my father. I am exhausted. No amount of prayer drives them out. I have heard from at least two other people online who are "spiritual" types of...
  15. P


    Hi guys, I am having my therapy on the 1st of Feb...to be honest it couldnt come sooner! I am sooo looking forward to working on my behaviour (might sound weird but its true) It is ruining my life...i have just lost my GF because of the fact that i completely lost it with her...ive never been...
  16. amathus

    GP's should offer CBT to all depressed patients researchers conclude....

    GP's should offer CBT to all depressed patients researchers conclude.... Researchers have called for GPs to offer cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for all patients that have not responded to antidepressants in a study published in The Lancet Psychiatry. The research, funded by the National...
  17. D

    Failing to block dark thoughts

    The dark is taking over today am researching od methods am scared I will do it I have failed in keeping away the negative emotions
  18. Konifera

    Overcoming Irrationality

    So, I recently, as of today, had an experience with my tactic of avoiding automatic negative thoughts that caused me to behave irrationally, and quickly came to the realization it left me feeling numb, drained, and feeling exactly like I was battling an addiction (e.g. caffeine) trying hard not...
  19. E

    Needing support.

    I'm currently in between treatments and support. Only recently I've come to terms with that I need help and support, this site has helped me a little so far and I find talking to people, when I could... helped. Was just wondering, apart from coming on here, how else do others get help that...
  20. Gajolene

    Johann Hari: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong

    What really causes addiction — to everything from cocaine to smart-phones? And how can we overcome it? Johann Hari has seen our current methods fail firsthand, as he has watched loved ones struggle to manage their addictions. He started to wonder why we treat addicts the way we do — and if there...