1. blacksmoke

    Hey I've Got A Question

    yeah just lately i have had a metallic taste in my mouth and it just wont go away tried looking on the net but nothing that i could really find so has anyone got any idea what it could be? i used to think it was to do with mercury fillings but gradually i have had these replaced with white...
  2. Boomerang

    New med FEEL ILL

    I cannot find anything on the internet that would make me worry so much but i am worried. I have been on Lamictal/Lamotrigine for over two years. I have started Lexapro and SSRI four days ago. Each night when i take them both i have had very warm skin which is what happened when i was titrating...
  3. 0

    New Symptom (Nerves?)

    I get this strange light painful feeling in the center of my upper left chest. It is a line going upwards, it feels like electricity and almost metallic. I sometimes get this feeling under my chin and throat and when im exercising between my fingers on my left hand.
  4. A


    I've been taking this med for about 4 days and I get this metallic taste in my mouth hours after taking it. Is this normal?
  5. S

    Metallic Ear Plugs

    @, How's that for a title? Support hugs to Terri, to Rabina; and to all. Metallic Ear Plugs... Combination of cupronickel, magnesium, and gold seems to mute or deflect sound from that realm 100%; with both ears required. Does this mean that this stuff is real, no delusion, after...