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  1. coldwater00

    In a bit of a dilemma re: CMHT/CPN

    So as some of you probably already know, I was discharged from EI in December. All went fine, was glad to get them off my back. I had been aware that my "care" was being transferred to the CMHT and I went to the appointment to meet the new psych and my CPN. Really wasn't impressed with the CPN...
  2. Davey Blueeyes

    I'm sorry if I worried anyone

    I have been poorly and I needed to split, for all the wrong reasons. However getting a special message shows me how lovely we all are here. I wish we could all go live on an island somewhere and look after each other, I love everyone on here, especially those that came looking for me while I...
  3. mark payne

    In Hospital (HOCD)

    i'm writing you from my room in hospital please don't judge or hate me everybody here already did (my family) i hurted my self last night at night i couldn't help it, i guess you already knew why... i already wrote about it over and over its about Hocd i just coudln't help this pain no more and...
  4. L

    Hi, I'm Loretta

    Hello: My name is Loretta; I am 23 and live in the U.S. I have been diagnosed with all kinds of mental disorders by many different doctors with no objective (e.g. chemical, x-ray, etc.) test to prove or disprove any such diagnosis. While I do believe that without scientific backing that these...
  5. N


    I'm in the absurd position of being ashamed of something I haven't even done. I received an attack out of the blue from an ex boyfriend. It was a messy break-up years ago now and earlier this year - about 7 months ago I guess - I contacted him through FB for the first time in 5 years to admit I...
  6. I

    Help with BPD

    Hello all, I'm trying to seek some help and support. I have a friend who I believe may be suffering from BPD. Or possibly another form of Mental Health. I'm trying to help this friend as best I can but at the moment they don't want the help although they know they have an issue. They fit...
  7. J


    Hi - yesterday I took an overdose. I rang GP and a friend took me to appointment. She was nice about it and changed my Meds but we could carry on like this forever without me getting better. She said she'd ring the Crisis team (if I want her to?!) and CMHT I have recently been "under" I slept...
  8. T

    My wife is hearing voices and I need some helpful advise

    Hi My wife has recently (within last few days) told me she is hearing voices, and has been for since circa July. They seem to be fairly positive so far, and usually they are trying to tell a message, but she never gets to find out what the end of the message is as she gets distracted by...
  9. BabyButterfly


    Hi everyone im Gem-Louise.I have EUPD which stands for Emotionally unstable personality disorder I also selfharm and have suicidal tendencies. I am currently under a CMHT and have also been in the psych ward a few times.I find it hard to talk to people about how I feel as I cant find the right...
  10. T

    paranoia makes me mess up agan

    I caused a big row last night by being paranoid about the motives of someone in a message by text. I know not to impulsively react but I do it anyway. Its when I feel somene is trying to control me. Anyone understand or has managed to think before they act and has bpd?
  11. P

    Mental health team letting me down

    I feel the mental health team is seriously letting me down. Recently I was referred to the home treatment team but after assessment they decided I wasn't in "sufficient crisis" to warrant their help. I don't know how they determined this when I was so distressed I could barely speak! Anyway...
  12. E

    I am a moron

    I damned well blew 280 pounds gambling today. It was payday and I had 3070 pounds in the bank and was all excited and took 200 in thinking I could just wager a hundy and probably treble it or stop if I lost it. Sweet effing Mary. Now I have 2800 and will need another 250 of it to live on so...