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  1. D

    Please see this, incredible, life affiming and true, Eleonor Longdens recent speech.

    Please see this, incredible, life affiming and true, Eleonor Longdens recent speech. Please see. Her message is so important love D xxx Catch up on the 2015 Woodcock lecture | Mental Illness Fellowship
  2. bluemoon2

    I just wanted him back... Is it time to let go?

    I've been struggling recently with my new diagnosis of BPD, but I also have anxiety which I have had for eight years and I am depressed 60% of the time. My friends mean everything to me, so when I met *shawn two years ago it kicked off right from the beginning because we had the same...
  3. B

    Worsening Social Anxiety

    hi everyone, this is my first message in the forum. At first I planned to write about my experiences but it went on and on so I gave it up and deleted it. This actually summarizes the tip of my problem. I was never an extrovert. Ever since I've known myself, I'm a shy person. I also tend to...
  4. I

    I'm a probie tho this forum :-)

    Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum and hope I can draw some hope and energy from other people and vice versa :-) feel free to message me :-)
  5. H


    Hi,can the people who run the forum message me please?been trying to contact but with severe anxiety and a confusing andrpoid tablet had no luck.

    Nosso Lar

    Was reading some of this book tonight. Eventually I stopped and had to look it up on the internet. Why? Because it is totally absurd. And according to the author I will be sent straight to hell after this life. And even if you make it to the heavenly realms you have to work overtime to buy...
  7. JennyWren32

    New here,hi :)

    Hey :) so I'm new here,I have bipolar 2 and anxiety and I just wanted to make new contacts and meet like-minded people. Not sure what to say now,this is worse than leaving a voicemail! Anyway,if anyone wants to message or friend me (or tell me how to work this cursed app),that'd be cool :)
  8. A

    Help with Personality Disorder!?

    Hello I am new to this forum and have no experience of using any other forums previously. I hope I manage to post my message correctly. I'm struggling to know where to start with my first message!!..... My reasons for joining this forum are to gain some understanding of my condition and hope...
  9. E

    Changing an Abusive Relationship

    In my opinion, fear or shame are the keys to controlling us. When we change this control mechanism, voices can change. So here are some points that may help: 1. Identify the trigger. When a voice makes a remark, note your body language and that of other people. Note what kind of environment you...

    Recommend a book.

    Thought it would be nice for people to recommend books on spirituality. Here are some I have read recently: *) Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences How Understanding NDEs Can Help Us Live More Fully By Penny Sartori *) My Descent into Death:and the...
  11. Gajolene

    ‘Supernatural’ Star Jared Padalecki Talks Depression and Why You Should ‘Always Keep Fighting’

    ‘Supernatural’ Star Jared Padalecki Talks Depression and Why You Should ‘Always Keep Fighting’ Jared Padalecki Talks Charity T-Shirt Campaign ‘Always Keep Fighting’ | Variety Variety spoke to Padalecki about his passion for the cause and his personal experience with depression. The interview...
  12. serotonincat

    ESA Awarded Immediately??

    Hi, I'm quite confused - I handed in my filled out ESA claim form at my local JSP on Wednesday of this week and this morning received a text message from DWP informing me that they had received my claim form. I have just now received another text message from DWP saying: Your Employment...
  13. C


    Swale - Sheppey and Sittingbourne Your Way Call: 07740 488 576 Email: [email protected] Text: ‘swale’ and your message to 82727 Accessing Your Way is designed to be as easy and straight forward as possible. We aim to make support genuinely self-directed for everyone we work with...
  14. S

    I Am So Alone

    sorry this is not connected with your thread but I am so alone, haven't spoken to anyone for days and feel desperate and sad. Rang the Crisis Team and they are supposed to be 24hr but have an answerphone and I left them a message over an hour ago, and just rang and left another message to say...
  15. katya

    Housemates are shocking

    T, who's been my "best friend" since I was 15, has taken a "lol, bwaaa, get over it" attitude towards my mental health of late (I was raped at a young age and he knows this). We've been living together for the past few years. It's been myself, my boyfriend (A), T and T's boyfriend, L...
  16. T

    Account Issues after a Voluntary Break

  17. C


    Reading - Your Way 127 Oxford Road Reading RG1 7UU 0118 958 0722 Text: readingyourway and your message to 82727 [email protected] Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Bespoke one-to-one support to help individuals achieve their recovery goals. Person-centred planning, using Recovery...
  18. music91

    hi everyone here

    Im new here to this site im friendly person,im here to share my own story in my own words and Here to hear other ppl story also and i welcome messages and i will Do message back
  19. A

    completely broken

    Yesterday I stumbled into hubby's fb messages. First off .. back when we first started dating he got drunk and held some girl from behind. I was shown pictures and videos and was pissed. He kept apologizing and told me he doesn't remember so I forgave him. Now in this message I read between the...
  20. mark payne

    death is all i think about

    hey it's mark again the guy with (HOCD) i'm sorry if i post a lot, i dont know no one can help i dont even have friends this forum like home for me, anyway today at 5.00 morning i woke up with stronger panic attacks i couldn't help it i didn't want to suicide i just wanted to stop the pain i...