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  1. T

    help me help somebody

    Hi all, Im just looking for a bit of help/advice on supporting my friend with his depression. Sorry if its long but Ill try and keep it as short as I can. I only met him this year when I was working in America for 3 months but since then I have moved back to the UK (my friend is American)...
  2. The Big Dawg

    I need to talk to somebody

    Hi I need to talk to somebody about something really disturbing, an experience I've had thats playing on my mind but I can't talk on the forum openly about it because its to graphic and really disturbing. Is there admin or somebody who I could message about it? I really need to speak to...
  3. Fairy Lucretia

    met online boyfriend

    i thought it went really well but he didn't message me tonight to say he had a good time am worried he doesn't like me now xx
  4. B

    Anyone else feel like a cry ?

    Woke up very low , like usual . But nothing has picked my mood up all day . Miss the girl I love , its been over a month now :cry: Haven't received a message from her in two weeks since the last one I sent hoping she was ok :sorry: I'm not giving up , just don't know what to do , everything...
  5. sahasrara

    bpd and spiritial crisis

    I've been reading on this forum and researching on the net about bpd and spiritual crisis. It seems to fit, I have always been quite spiritual, dipping in and out of reiki, aura reading, tarot and all things related but I've always felt a block, I feel like I can do more but I can't seem to get...
  6. bobshocker

    and another goddam thing about this site

    It advertises dating agencies . For gods sake. Dating agencies where people like me are around. Zoosk.they advertise zoosk. One of their partners or sponsors or shit. I went on that. I gotta message from a lady. First message. I shit you not. She said "just to let you know. I want a baby. I...
  7. B

    Hello , BPD and now struggling

    Howdy all , waves at all the other "nutters" :) Well , where does one start Life went proper tits up for me about a month ago . I'd spent 8 , albeit slightly rocky months with a girl I'm certain is the one . I love her . Trouble is the small changes in mood and fallings out came to a head and...
  8. L

    How to help my depressed ex boyfriend?

    Hey everyone. Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place - I'm new. I would have posted this under 'people' but I wanted the perspective of people who understand depression. I wanted to join to ask for advice relating to my ex boyfriend suffering from depression, since I don't know where else...
  9. C

    Any admin/moderators around?

    Can you message me please
  10. S

    Argument with my partner. Am I unreasonable?

    Am I being irrational? My partner met a girl at the train station on the way home from work and he helped her with her luggage and stayed with her till she got on her train. She told him she had just lost everything and was trying to find a way to get to Birmingham. I'm all for helping people...
  11. B

    I just need to talk about a relationship I had with a friend with depression and anxiety. (Sorry it's so long)

    I just need to talk about a relationship I had with a friend with depression and anxiety. (Sorry it's so long) Where do I even begin? I guess I'll start with the beginning. I met a fantastic guy online. I knew he had depression because he had mentioned that he was taking pills for it. We...
  12. D

    I'm new, need to talk to someone

    Hello people, I'm 24 years, male, suffering from anxiety. I am looking for pen pals or people to email or skype with me. It would be great to chat with someone, I recently suffered from other health problems too so I've just been stuck at home for the last few months. Needless to say, I hate...
  13. N

    My friends kinda abandoned me

    I'm sorry this is pretty long but I've been really hurt recently and I don't have many people to turn to anymore. I was recently part of a competition with four of my friends. We'd just all found out we had graduated uni and we were all really looking forward this competition, it was the first...
  14. S

    Paranoid/Deluded thinking everything is a set up

    Although I have insight I still cant seem to shake the idea that everything around me is a set up and that some kind of secret group is 'out to get me'. Whenever something out of the ordinary happens I assume it is related to me and that it is a sure sign that someone/something is sending me a...
  15. Peaceful

    I blame facebook and the advent of texting as main forms of communication

    I blame facebook and the advent of texting as main forms of communication I am on facebook but rarely use it for communications. However others I know religiously use these as their main forms of communications with friends, family or people they may have known years ago and will in all...
  16. Freedomfromvoice

    Everyone is hearing voices

    Its told me that everyone on this planet of 7 billion people are hearing voices, I believe what they said. Neighbour hearing it, family hearing it, Tele hears it, friends heard it, competitor heard it, colleague heard it, and i felt magnificent with everyone have the ability to send a message...
  17. N

    First Time I've Asked For Help...Please!

    I haven't ever seeked help before, i've always been scared i'll get sectioned if i go to my GP, and if i tell anyone else, they will just think i'm being stupid or not understand and then i'll always be thought of as a mental person whos depressed. I feel completely worthless as i have most of...
  18. N

    He's trying to leave me or what ?

    Hey! My name is Jessica Been reading here for pretty long and it has helped me a lot. Now I'm hoping you guys can help me out again with my first post. I decided to try online dating and found an amazing man living in another city 45 min away from me. We've been speaking for about a month and...
  19. S

    Please, please help if you can!

    I've self-harmed since before I was in double digits, age-wise. I'm 21 now, and doing the best I have since I started. I haven't hurt myself for months, I've way cut down on my drinking and I take my meds, every single day without fail. But tonight... Everything's falling apart. I want to hurt...
  20. S

    can someone who's got bpd please message me

    I'm really struggling someone please talk I feel so lonely!