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  1. T


    I love that I found this friendly forum and joined last night :thumbsup: I don't like that I am so computer stupid. It just took ages to work out how to open a private message!! :rolleyes: I even managed to burn my dinner. Feels like a maze in here. But hey …. managed to find my way back...
  2. G

    Leave a message for someone who is struggling

    This thread is for positive reinforcement. Add a random message of encouragement. Not to anyone specific, just strength when you have it. There will be times that you don’t.
  3. I

    Hi everyone!

    Hi people! I have AvPD, which makes it hard to make friends in real life, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a chat with other people who can relate to my problems! It would also be nice to make some friends, so message me if youd like!
  4. P


    Hey Everyone! I'm hoping I can get help to rid myself from bulimia. Hope you can message me. Love you guys!
  5. L

    Looking for someone to talk to...

    Hi, I am 20 years old and am someone who hears voices. I find it hard to talk about them in real life, but would really like to discuss the experience sometimes. So I'm looking for someone who goes through the same thing, so we can talk about our experiences with voices. If anyone is interested...
  6. F

    Relationship problems and BPD

    Surprise, surprise. I'm having relationship problems and I need help. Every single time I meet someone I like I begin a very unhealthy pattern. I feel so intensely that I message them or seek them out all the time. Sometimes, in the beginning, they're flattered and seem to enjoy the attention...
  7. shaky

    What's wrong with me - internet dating

    I've been using internet dating sites for years. What happens every time is... I message some, with a few lines about why I think we are compatible They message back. I message them with some info about my likes and dislikes and ask a question or two for them to respond to. They message back...
  8. S


    Hi, I'm new to this, and this is the first time I'm openly admitting to anyone (computer or not) that I'm probably not 100% with my mental health. I'm the typical person of overcompensating with my happiness and always come across as funny and the life of the party, but I struggle with being...
  9. M

    Any who wants to chat ?

    Any other here who wants to chat ? Whos living "in a hole", mentally. Over 24 old, send me a message.
  10. C


    Does anyone else get blackouts where they have done something out of character? Since I have started to become well I have started to experience a few blackouts, I'm only aware of a few each year but it may be more as I only know its happened after I 'come round' and notice something is...
  11. M

    Will anyone be willing to chat privately?

    Will anyone male or female be willing to chat privately about mental health? Just send me a private message asking for my number.
  12. D

    Looking for people who wants to chat over 25 old

    Chat to pass the time. If any wants to, message me.
  13. D

    Need of friends

    Anyone who wants a friend can private message me. Might as well have pen pals.
  14. J

    Unexpected Message On A Dating Site

    While Plenty Of Fish hasn't been working after sending about 100 messages today I received an unexpected message on a dating site I haven't been on for years called Zoosk. I joined about 2010 and forgotten all about that website. The only thing is I can't read the message it's only told me in...
  15. J

    My Girlfriend is suffering from depression and its affecting our time together. (I think)

    My Girlfriend is suffering from depression and its affecting our time together. (I think) Hello. before i start i want to apologise for any typos or mistakes in my writing, i am not the smartest and best with my english. My name is Josh and i'm 18 years old, i have a Girlfriend who is 17...
  16. J

    My partner is depressed, relationship is on the rocks & I don't understand.

    My partner is depressed, relationship is on the rocks & I don't understand. Hi everyone. I apologise in advance for the long message and i thank you if you take the time to read this. Firstly, it's not me that's suffering with depression, it's my partner. However, i have autism (not extreme...
  17. H

    Just had the worst anxiety attack so far

    Hi guys, i have nobody to rant to atm so I thought I could put it here to get it off my chest. As the title suggests I've had an awful attack about 2 hours ago (I'm still feeling the effects, I took Kalms and have been doing breathing exercises) which prompted me to wake my mother up and force...
  18. B

    Best friends voice in my head

    For the past month im always hearing my best friends voice in my head... telling me to do stupid stuff like self harming and saying that she would be happy if i would die... and i swear ive even seen her standing in front of me with a knife... its so bad i message her to ask her if shes home but...
  19. B

    Feeling low - bullying

    I was bullied a lot in Senior School and it caused me to have depression from the age of 14. One particular girl who was 3 years older than me would make fun of me and laugh constantly. I am not a weak person but it really got to me, especially when her friends joined in, as she was popular. I...
  20. J

    My family have stopped speaking to me.

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, i don't know where to begin so sorry for the waffling, for a long time I've felt the odd one out in my family, i am the eldest of 5 and I've had some terrible experiences happen to me over the years, i am now on sertrailine after having what i think was a complete...