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    Removing mercury fillings

    I am thinking a having my mercury fillings replaced, probably by porcelain fillings. Mercury is a neurotoxin and mercury fillings can make all sorts of long term health problems worse. Mercury poisoning can cause tremors, emotional changes (e.g. mood swings), insomnia, headaches, hallucinations...
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    Alchemy & the Philosophers Stone

    Alchemy Lesson 1 / Basic Principles - Esoteric Online Perhaps one of the most important symbols in Alchemy is that of the Philosophers Stone, while it may not be as well known, its significance cannot be taken lightly. The symbol of the stone can be used as a key, in order to aid in the...
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    Drugging our kids

    Drugging Our Kids | San Jose Mercury News
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    A New Moon Winter Solstice - 21st December 2014 - 23:03 UT/GMT

    December Solstice 2014 - heavenandearthcommunity This December Solstice will occur less than three hours before the New Moon, bringing renewal and new beginnings at planetary (Solstice) and personal (New Moon) levels. A few hours earlier, the Moon will have been conjunct asteroid Ceres in...