1. N

    I need advice please help.

    I've been in contact w/ someone who has BPD & I belive needs some kind of proffesional help but they do not want to have it happen in person (for reasons I will not mention) & they cannot pay for it. I would like to help them but I don't know where to direct them. Please could I get some...
  2. M

    Mention emotional/physical numbness at health center?

    I'm intending to go to a local health center to at least get my severe fatigue figured out. Could I also mention the fact that I am numb to sensory feelings like smell, taste and my skin? I don't want to mention too many negative things.
  3. K

    Effexor and severe anxiety as withdrawal symptom

    No one ever seems to mention severe anxiety when coming off of Effexor. They mention all of this other stuff which I can deal with. But the part that I can't deal with or can't imagine myself dealing with is hard on going seemingly never stopping butterflies training of the stomach hard hard...
  4. R


    Hello, you guys are my only outlet on this, since anyone else I tell will probably put me on medication in a heartbeat. I stopped medication a little more than a month ago. I had gradually diminished it with my psychiatrist over a year and a half, but she didn’t agree on my stopping, and I don’t...
  5. N

    Esa advice substance misus and panic attacks

    Just bricking it waiting for tribunal and I was wondering if anyone knows if it would help to mention my drug addiction? Just hate it when people presume, that's the cause of my depression and panic attacks, when it definitely isn't. Suffered 10 years before I started the drugs, which I only...
  6. blacksmoke

    4 Chemicals That Activate Happiness

    4 Chemicals that Activate Happiness, and How to Use Them actually it doesnt seem to mention how to use them...
  7. A


    Hi, I was diagnosed with dissociation disorder by my psychologist. We have been working a lot on grounding techniques and how to keep myself in the present. The main problem I am having with this over the last few days is that when I am trying these techniques (there are a few), I start...
  8. S

    this is not fair

    i was on another sz site and i was jumped on for mentioning the 'G' word (God) basically everybody hates me bc i believe in God, they say it furthers their delusions so i got upset and was suspended, i don't think this is fair. i hardly ever mention it anyway
  9. P

    He didn't mention their black hearts.

    Why do Women Suck? - YouTube The whole time, didn't mention it. They are sociopaths and he didn't mention it at all.
  10. P

    Earth is just a stupid shithole really.

    Should be discontinued. This place isn't worth anyone's time or effort. Not to mention we're all rotting and dying so there is that to. Fuck the earth.
  11. naominash

    Would you talk about your mental health issues on a first date?

    Suppose you weren't already good friends with someone you were interested in and you went on a date. Would you briefly mention your mental illness? Would you mention it all? Would you be obligated to for their sake? Or should you just let them get to know you without the stigma attached?
  12. L

    PIP and should I be attending an assessment?

    Hey everyone. I have been awarded 0 by PIP on the re-decision, it will now be going to tribunal. Basically, it was all about incontinence, that I'm not incontinent... but I never said I was... There was no mention about any of the other categories and I was awarded 0. The letter talks about my...

    Where do you stand?

    Say if you are applying for a job or a volunteer role. Would you be honest, and tell them about your mental health difficulties? Personally I do say, but I have learned that some diagnosis's are more palatable than others. Schizophrenia really scares them off - for example. People have told...
  14. H


    Hi everyone.I just joined. My user name is HUSKY1964. Have dealing with mental health issues,off and on for 30 years. Been hospitalized 4 times during those years. Can't tell you how many councellors, therapists,I've sine in that time,not to mention how many meds. I'm trying to find out how to...
  15. H

    New friend who is a GP

    I met this man on a walk and he has no idea that I have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Neither have my ex husband or partner so what am I worried about. i have never pulled this card out. He is Irish and has a brilliant sense of humour so we are laughing so much. We are meeting soon on a...
  16. nonotme

    painkillers and mood.

    I have been on high dose of painkiller from my GP for over 8 years, inc tramadol and others stuff.. I have found more and more I need to use these not just for the pain but also to keep my mood stable. I know I have an issues with them, as I've said before I do over use but not massive...
  17. N

    Hello, it's about time!

    Hello, I have come across this forum a couple of times the last few years, and today I finally decided to join! I joined today because I have been recently trying to make small changes in my life. One of which is to try and communicate and connect more with others. So I thought this may be a...
  18. J

    Pain Meds, Eating & Bulimia

    I was wondering. Can pain medication (Which I have to take for chronic pain) Affect your eating? I have anorexia & Bulimic tendoncies, and it's starting To scare me. Bulimia kicking in. I know I have to eat but this is so Difficult. Really needing advice. I have chronic colitis have been In and...
  19. P

    Homicidal Thoughts

    I don't think I have a mental illness, but my doctor thinks I do, which is why I'm posting here. I'm getting homicidal thoughts forced into my head by the government. I don't really want to do anything because I don't want to lose my place at college.* It's getting strong though and I just...
  20. R

    missing cuddle at xmas

    this xmas it's unlikely i'll have a cuddle, my women friend is going through her menopause, other women, the way i'm been forced to argue severe illness with people for benefits, it doesn't look good with women, maybe some women are having to now Next time i pass queens park tube i may talk...