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  1. S

    Any one under guardianship of the mental health act

    Family, freinds, ie the person, who is subject to it, what do you think of it, ie accommodation, did you have to move to different era, what kind of accommodation did you get, or they get? And advise welcome please, unfortunately I have been mentally ill all my life since I was seven onwards...
  2. B


    New on here but not new to a wife who is mentally ill. It is very much appreciated to know I am not alone.
  3. Mark_01

    World Mental Health Day

    World Mental Health Day has come and gone, and if I am suppose to be happy about it, I am not. Am much happier I made a good pot of coffee this morning. I think World Mental Health Day is for mental health workers to have an office party and kiss each other and tell themselves what a great job...
  4. U

    Mentally exhausted and in need of help

    I'm not exactly sure what's wrong with me. I think it may be OCD. I keep going over certain events in my head. It's mostly conversations that I have with people. I keep replaying the words I said to make sure that I made sense and didn't say anything dumb. Secondly, I have this obsession with...
  5. M

    My parents somehow don't believe I'm mentally ill

    It seems as though my parents don't believe I'm mentally ill. Either I'm making it up or it's a symptom of Asperger's Syndrome (I've been diagnosed with AS since the age of 3). I find their attitude very offending to me. I'm talking about constant CFS-like fatigue, physical numbness, stomach...
  6. T

    Mentally in Pain and Suffering

    Hi, I was wondering how people describe there pain and suffering mentally and how they deal with it. My psychologist pain I feel makes me feel so depressed, that i read tylenol helps, but what really helps it is taking opiods. Thanks for your response.
  7. M

    Feeling constantly unbalanced?

    I feel mentally unbalanced all the time, like there's no natural stable condition in my mind. It always feels chaotic, as if I'm constantly arguing how to behave mentally. Can anyone relate?
  8. R

    equal ops form from housing assoc

    my first thought is what grant are they after from some organisation that requires them to keep equal ops data i don;t particularly agree with how equal ops operate in practice, this form theres half a page covering exact ethnic issues then a sentence saying do you consider yourself disabled...
  9. H

    I asked for a break and now I cant take it

    My husband and me have been together 8 years, lately I've been so sad about our relationship. Weve lost the whole touching and feeling ect in our relationship. I'm currently staying with a friend as we have a break. I dont know if mentally I can take this break any longer and it's only been 2...
  10. A

    Should I Start Taking My Antidepressant Again?

    Lately I've been really suffering from anxiety and depression again. I have takes Sertraline before and it worked for me good enough and at the initial time I took it, it really did well at easing my suffering. A long while ago I quite and managed to be mentally healthy for a while even after...
  11. M

    Please help me to help my depressed brother

    Hello Everyone! I suffer with anxiety but that isn't why I am writing in here. I'm so worried about my brother and I was wondering if people could possibly post some encouraging advice or tips for him. He takes fluoxitine for depression but he has stopped taking the tablets (bad I know - he says...
  12. R

    How do I break the cycle?

    I've noticed that I have this cycle. It consists of feeling down, low self esteem, paranoia that no one cares or people that do I question it, crying, no energy (I just want to lay here) and even get to the point where I just dont want to exist anymore. Then the next stage is picking myself...
  13. Mark_01

    Too Many Crazies

    I am lucky. Even so, there were so many people like me, homeless, and ignored. Every year, since about 1974, I have heard "We have to help the homeless mentally ill," it never has happened. Today, there is so much mentally ill awareness, I have to wonder. I see little public service videos, a...
  14. J

    Advice sought

    Wondering if anyone can advise me please. My mum is 84 she has health problems which consist of COPD & overactive thyroid, all managed well with inhalers and medication. My mum is mentally very fit, does crosswords and puzzles and knits beautiful garments following intense knitting patterns. 4...
  15. W

    The Label "Mentally Ill" used to harass

    It's been almost a decade of a variety of forms of harassment for me. Some have almost killed me and my dog while others are merely slander. It seems people around me are "notified" that I'm mentally ill, paranoid, delusional, etc while various forms of harassment are done. I wasn't aware but a...
  16. R

    homeless place

    i’m going to the homeless place, some women phoned, she’s going to get me a mentor befriender, i’m not sure i want services, never seen anyone who receives services get better, but guess better is a pipe dream then theres the stigma, those mentally ill ex cons who said they weren’t mentally ill...
  17. T

    Talking to myself

    Hello, everyone, I registered because I have a question, which makes me a bit concerned! Apologies if it goes on for a bit, I'll try to keep it short but informative. A little background: I'm in my 30-ies, and my mum is narcissistic, which over the years has obviously left it's mark on my...
  18. Fairy Lucretia

    are you mentally ill and live with somebody else who is too?

    how do you manage? xx
  19. I

    Another chemical castration interview I did with another service user

    He is Shaun 32 from England but he was 22 at the time. It is a transcripted interview. The very same psychiatric drugs that are given to the 'mentally ill' are given to chemically castrate sex offenders. When this chemical castration effect is permanent despite throwing away the medication, this...
  20. S

    feeling like crying , sick of this mental illness , it hurts too much

    today i keep wanting to cry , feeling emotional , sad , lost , alone , hurting because i do not feel here and i want to feel like i am here . my mental illness is making me want to cry , i'm fed up of my mind being a mess , i don't know who is sitting here . life hurts too much ... why does life...