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mental illness

  1. S

    My Experience With Mental Illness

    I’m not one to normally post stuff on a forum but recently as of late I have been struggling and I wanted to reach out. Over 8 years ago I was with the wrong group of people when I took just 1 hit of K2 spice which inadvertently not only got me super high but gave me a life changing traumatic...
  2. M

    Who’s hearing voices at the moment and I know it’s not you but people doing voodoo black magic etc something they shouldn’t

    Who’s hearing voices and they also give you dreams (sex dreams gay dreams -and I’m straight but straight dreams as well dreams of fighting dreams with ppl they seen you with family member dream old friends people who died love ones tv shows movies allmost make a movie in your dreams etc all...
  3. E

    Ideas for my mental health blog?

    Hi all, I have recently become a mental health advocate for a charity. My current diagnosis is BPD, I have also been looking up on C-PTSD as I feel as though I identify and my anxiety has definitely got in the way of me fidning working and making any types of relationships work. I'm 23 now and I...
  4. D

    20mg Paroxetine - is it safe?

    Can anyone who has been on Paroxetine or is currently on Paroxetine tell me about your experience taking it? Or anxiety medication in general? My boyfriend was prescribed 20mg Paroxetine for anxiety. The initial reason he went to see the doctor is due to a pain in the left side of his chest...