mental heath

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    Who’s hearing voices at the moment and I know it’s not you but people doing voodoo black magic etc something they shouldn’t

    Who’s hearing voices and they also give you dreams (sex dreams gay dreams -and I’m straight but straight dreams as well dreams of fighting dreams with ppl they seen you with family member dream old friends people who died love ones tv shows movies allmost make a movie in your dreams etc all...
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    Don't Know What's Wrong With Me

    Hello, I am an 18 year old male and have been dealing with mental problems since I was little (5 or 6). My childhood was somewhat bad. My parents got divorced when I was about 8. It never really bothered me since my dad is a prick. I went to live with my mother and had to change schools. I...
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    Who deterimes whether someone has mental capacity??

    Hello All. I am new to this site and wonder if you could help? I have a question relating to mental capacity. My partner's nan was admitted to hospital just after Christmas last year. She is 93 years old but an absolutely fabulous 93. Full of life, fun and laughter. She had a little fall and was...