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mental health

  1. A

    How Mental Health issues like stress effect our life?

    How Mental Health issues like stress effect our life? And how we will fix the stress and depression problem in life.
  2. H

    Citalopram withdrawal - help and advice please

    Hello I was wondering if anyone has experienced the following and if you know how long it can take to stop or how to help the symptoms. I have take citalopram for 4 years and in September I started reducing my dose from 40 and I have now stopped altogether. This is what I wanted personally. I...
  3. O

    OCD and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Hello. I was just wondering if Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has helped anybody here? I'm currently in therapy and that is the path we are taking, but it takes a lot of brain power and causes a lot of intense anxiety filled moments in my day. I feel like between that, and my medications, it is...
  4. C

    3 years of depression / fatigue

    Hi Everyone, I want to tell my story for the last 3 years in hope of help and or tips from you out there. Background: When I was a kid I was always best or among the best in every sport i did. I found it very easy to learn new things quick, much faster than other kids. My self esteem was...
  5. A

    What is wrong with me?

    Hi, this is my first post on a forum so I'm not sure how this goes. When I was around the age of 15 I started to become very depressed along with having an eating disorder. There were times that I would never leave my room but there were also times where I was never home because I needed to be...
  6. K

    Excessive body hair is wearing me down

    Hi, I have excessive body hair everywhere and that isn’t an exaggeration! I have it on my feet, my neck, my chest, my stomach, my back, my chin, sideburns, arms and bottom and it’s very dark and course. This only appeared about 2 years ago and is getting worse and worse. I’ve managed to keep...
  7. S

    Avoiding formal mental health diagnoses when emigrating

    I am an American who plans to move to a European country permanently to live. My mother found out this year that she has Asperger's, and after I heard about her condition and reading about it myself, I became alarmed because I have all of her symptoms, except to a more severe degree. I also have...
  8. M

    What would happen? Anyone got experience

    I had an appointment today with my CPN about being the lowest I’ve felt ever and suicidal, she asked can I keep my self safe I said yeh I guess. She said if I feel I can’t to ring them or my gp. I go bk next week to see them again, I feel like I can’t keep going it’s getting stronger the...
  9. S

    What's wrong with me?

    I think that I have some sort of mental oddity. I go to therapy for arachnophobia, and my therapist included me when she was talked about people with social anxiety a few times, so I guess I have that?? i think that I might need medication for anxiety, my friend takes meds for their anxiety, and...
  10. H

    Being paranoid, What is your life like?

    For me, I think the GP looks at me sometimes like I'm mad, but I'm happy some GP'S are trained in mental health so I feel a bit more comfortable. I sometimes worry when I walking alone if someone is following me. I don't trust a GP, I have reasons but no evidence I feel worried about...
  11. A

    ROCD and long distance relationship, can anyone relate please?

    Hi so I’ve been dealing with ROCD/POCD/HOCD for some time now and in a couple of weeks I’ll be moving to London for an incredible job opportunity, the only thing is that my girlfriend is moving FROM London back up north to where we’re from (so essentially swapping around). My ROCD is already...
  12. G

    Does my partner have bipolar???

    I am currently struggling with a situation involving my partner of 4 years. I was told from the beginning that he has schizophrenia, which I accepted and was something I had experience in due to a past job, so wasn’t something that worried me too much. Three weeks ago he suddenly stopped...
  13. A

    losing the will..has anyone ever had this obsession before?

    Hi so I’ve recently started Fluoxetine 20mg for the first time ever 7 days ago to help with severe POCD/HOCD/ROCD (I’m a lad), don’t really know if it’s working much yet although I did have a couple of really obsession free days last weekend. Anyway, one of my Hocd triggers a while ago was a...
  14. A

    Can anyone relate/fully get their life back?

    I’m in a really bad place at the moment and I’ll just summarise my situation... Mild/Normal social anxiety until last summer when me and my girlfriend spent time apart due to university commitments. Started with HOCD thoughts but didn’t take over my life...until Xmas when I finally plucked...
  15. A

    Has anyone ever got over this? (HOCD/ROCD/POCD)

    Hello, so around a year ago my general anxiety took a completely different turn when I started to spend large amounts of time apart from my girlfriend due to work/university commitments.. during this time I started to feel quite lost and developed mild HOCD which would come and go once in a...
  16. Lazz

    New GAD diagnosis

    Hi guys. I'm new to this forum so I'll introduce myself! I'm Lazz. I'm a university student who's recently been diagnosed with GAD (about 3 weeks ago). I just wanted to join this forum to hear about other peoples' experiences with anxiety. In particular, I find it quite isolating sometimes as I...
  17. Lazz

    Newly diagnosed

    Hi guys! My name is Lazz, I'm a uni student from England and I've recently been diagnosed with GAD. I joined this site as I've found it quite hard to talk about my anxiety with friends/family as I'm not sure they'll understand etc. I'm still coming to terms with my diagnosis and medication so...
  18. G

    bpd relationship problems

    i am in a loving and healthy relationship which i would not trade for the world. my boyfriend and i love each other but lately we’ve been encountering some problems. he’s been insecure/upset and he had told one of my friends that he loves me, but not as much as i love him. i experience emotions...
  19. J

    Am I a bad person or do I need help?

    In the past my partner has referred to me narcissistic and occasionally emotionally abusive, this got me looking to find help about these traits and attempting to find ways on improving my behaviour (less drinking, therapy etc) but I'm beginning to wonder if I am ill or if it's much worse than...
  20. D

    20mg Paroxetine - is it safe?

    Can anyone who has been on Paroxetine or is currently on Paroxetine tell me about your experience taking it? Or anxiety medication in general? My boyfriend was prescribed 20mg Paroxetine for anxiety. The initial reason he went to see the doctor is due to a pain in the left side of his chest...